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Volunteer Board Member (Grants & Fundraising Support) - Gender Equality Advocate for PWN

Professional Women Network


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Empowering women at PWN to ADVANCE IN LEADERSHIP. Leveraging 100% of talent for a sustainable, happier society. Aspiring to accelerate change, inspire skill adoption, and drive impactful reforms.


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South Kensington, SW7 5ED

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What will you be doing?

Grants & Fundraising Support: Develop and execute effective fundraising strategies, build relationships with potential donors, and explore diverse funding opportunities to sustain the charity’s mission.

What are we looking for?

(New) We are seeking a dedicated individual to join our team as a Grant and Fundraising Support Specialist. In this role, you will play a crucial part in facilitating our transition from a Limited company to a Community Interest Company (CIC). Your responsibilities will include: 1. Grant Proposal Development:    - Research and identify potential grant opportunities aligned with our mission and goals.    - Collaborate with various departments to gather relevant information for grant proposals.    - Craft compelling and persuasive grant applications to secure funding. 2. Fundraising Strategy Implementation:    - Contribute to the development of fundraising strategies that align with our CIC status.    - Implement creative fundraising initiatives to engage donors and supporters.    - Explore innovative approaches to diversify our funding streams. 3. Transition Management:    - Work closely with leadership to navigate the transition from Limited to CIC status.    - Ensure all grant applications and fundraising efforts comply with CIC regulations.    - Liaise with legal and compliance teams to facilitate a smooth transition. 4. Relationship Building:    - Cultivate and maintain positive relationships with existing and potential funders.    - Collaborate with stakeholders to enhance our visibility in the funding community.    - Attend networking events and represent the organization to build strong partnerships. 5. Reporting and Evaluation:    - Develop and maintain systems for tracking grant-related activities and outcomes.    - Generate regular reports on fundraising performance and impact.    - Evaluate the success of fundraising strategies and recommend improvements. 6. Training and Support:    - Provide training and support to staff members on grant-related processes.    - Offer guidance on incorporating CIC principles into fundraising efforts.

What difference will you make?

PWN's impact will be transformative. By fostering gender equality in leadership through diverse trustees, you'll create a ripple effect—empowering women, influencing decision-making, and inspiring positive change. This impact extends beyond the organisation, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable professional landscape.


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