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Volunteer Public Relations Specialist Needed

What Does Not


Posted over 30 days ago...

We're looking for a PR volunteer to help us spread our message. We're a female-led social enterprise that supports underrepresented creatives and musicians. As a PR Volunteer, you’ll play a pivotal role in amplifying our mission and impact.


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London, SW6 5NN

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What will you be doing?

What Does Not is an experience and culture agency with an incubator at its core. We combine the functions of an events company, prep school, community, and creative agency. It is an ecosystem of ecosystems for living a life with purpose, with genuine human connection at its core. To do that we harness the power of humans to rewrite outdated narratives, and celebrate unorthodox thinking.  We're asking you to join forces with a dynamic female-led social enterprise, championing underrepresented creatives and musicians to reshape the industry's narrative - and that's just only one of our missions.  The gig:

Craft compelling messages and narratives that resonate with our audience, but also new ones. Manage and curate engaging content across various verticals from tier 1 - 3 Assist in outreach efforts to broaden our community and partnerships. Support event promotion and communication strategies. Foster relationships with stakeholders, media, and potential collaborators.

What we're hoping for:

Consistent and engaging outreach schedule. Enhanced brand visibility and positive public perception. Expanded network of partnerships and collaborations. Successful event promotion leading to increased participation. Intros and connections to new press contacts

Collaboration: You’ll collaborate closely with everyone in our tiny team, receiving guidance and support while contributing fresh perspectives and ideas. Flexibility: While the primary responsibilities are outlined, there's room for creativity and initiative. Volunteers are encouraged to propose new PR strategies or projects aligning with our mission and goals. Your unique skills and ideas are valued and we feel are important for a great working relationship.

What are we looking for?

The ideal volunteer for this role should possess:

Communication Skills: Ability to craft compelling messages across various platforms. PR Expertise: Understanding of PR strategies, media relations, and content creation. Creativity: Innovative thinking to devise engaging campaigns and narratives. Collaboration: Capacity to work within a small team and engage with diverse stakeholders. Adaptability: Willingness to embrace new ideas and adapt to evolving strategies. Passion: Genuine enthusiasm for the mission of supporting underrepresented creatives and bridging gaps in society. Empathy: Understanding of the issues related to loneliness, mental health awareness and a passion for addressing them. Organizational Skills: Ability to manage tasks efficiently and meet deadlines.

Previous experience in PR, marketing, or communications, particularly within the creative or nonprofit sectors, would be beneficial. A commitment to learning and contributing to the cause is equally essential.

What difference will you make?

Your expertise will be crucial in weaving a narrative that not only fortifies our commitment to combat gaps in society, but also bridges hearts through creative expression. Together, we'll innovate and evolve, crafting content with messages of inclusivity that amplify voices in the vibrant creative realm. Your PR skills and press contacts will be the catalyst, securing vital support for our cause, nurturing a world where connections flourish. Through your outreach, our impact expands, nurturing a community where creativity thrives, loneliness fades, and a tapestry of shared experiences binds us all.


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