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Volunteer Database and Framework Developer Volunteer



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BoxAid is a charity dedicated to assisting humanity in all ways. Help build a game-changing database and framework for our charity. Organize beneficiary data and streamline our operations for greater impact.


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London, W4 5DS

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What will you be doing?

At our charity, we're dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. To enhance our ability to serve beneficiaries and streamline our operations, we're seeking a volunteer to create a dynamic and user-friendly Database and Framework. This integral system will serve as the backbone of our charity's data management, empowering our team to store beneficiary information, media files, and efficiently manage projects. Key Roles:

Collaborate with us to understand our charity's unique needs and objectives. Design and develop a robust and secure database and framework that can store beneficiary information and media. Implement user-friendly features for data entry, retrieval, and reporting. Create a system for our team to easily submit and access data, ensuring efficient operations. Provide information on using and maintaining the system effectively after its establishment

What are we looking for?

Database Development: Proficiency in designing and managing databases with a focus on security and efficiency. Technical Expertise: Strong technical skills, including programming languages and tools for database development and web framework creation. Data Management: Understanding of data management principles and the ability to structure and organize data effectively. Communication: Excellent communication skills to work collaboratively with us. Commitment: A commitment to our charity's mission and values, with a passion for leveraging technology to make a positive impact.

What difference will you make?

Your role as a Database and Framework Developer Volunteer will have a far-reaching impact on our charity's mission and daily operations:

Efficiency: By streamlining data management and project coordination, you would be enabling our team to concentrate more on our core humanitarian work and help beneficiaries more efficiently Data Security: Ensure that beneficiary information is securely stored and managed, complying with data protection regulations, and safeguarding sensitive data. Transparency: Enhancing our transparency allows us to provide our supporters and stakeholders with a clear view of our operations and results. Accessibility: Creating a user-friendly framework allows our team to easily submit and retrieve data, ensuring smoother workflow and making our charity more effective. Scalability: Designing a scalable system will lay the foundation for future growth. Impact Documentation: Your system will enable us to systematically catalog and manage multimedia evidence, such as photos and videos of our humanitarian work. This, in turn, allows us to vividly illustrate the positive impact we're making in the lives of our beneficiaries.


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