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Volunteer Trustee for Climate Charity hands-on role (fundraising/strategy)



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We demonstrate how our action to reduce CO2 emissions can be leveraged as a group, contributing on a community & national level to the struggle against climate change. We need a trustee who is ready to get involved with everything we do.


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Islington, Hackney, Haringey, Camden, Westminster, City, N4 3LG

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What will you be doing?

We are a small, new charity with massive scope to make a difference in shifting the narrative on climate change where other organisations have failed. We have 2 trustees, 1 full-time volunteer and several more part-time volunteers, but would like to attract people who are keen to drive us forward through their active involvement. Our goal for 2023/24 is to build a local group of activists who watch their carbon footprint and sustainability, with a longer term aim to create a carbon labelling campaign, a personal carbon trading group, a carbon footprint and carbon account app, and good recognition amongst local businesses and government, and to create a blueprint which can be adopted in other locations. After that point, we can spread the movement far and wide, to promote public, academic and political acceptance of the carbon labelling, allowances and personal carbon trading approach. Here's an overview of the different activities we'd like help with from an experienced pair of hands. Skills and experience in any or all of them beyond fundraising will be welcome:

fundraising experience - being able to tell the funders how what we do relates to them, and being able to see the overview and strategy and potential in what we do in order to put our best case forward for funding strategy and planning (we have to balance continuous progress on all fronts with taking advantage of low-hanging fruit) group workshop facilitation (we run regular climate change workshops where the public can learn about climate change science and how our approach fits in) volunteer organisational skills (we're building a group of up to 50 volunteers) spreadsheet familiarity and investigative powers to get data on carbon footprints (e.g. at this time we are looking at the carbon footprints of energy tariffs) article, blog post or social media writing skills (we need to communicate our existence, our raison d'etre and our approach to the world) video/film/graphic design skills (a picture is worth a thousand words - assuming it's the right picture)

What are we looking for?

Vital points:

awareness of the serious nature of the crisis as per the UN IPCC reports (and the contrast to the approach taken by the UK and Net Zero 2050) strong desire to see society make the best response possible to climate change opinion that the organisation's approach is one of the best available ability to work online / digitally and in-person


broad knowledge of global warming and climate change in-depth knowledge in any areas flexibility and desire to turn your hand to wide range of tasks

The person we are looking for:

feels a strong necessity to do something about the situation the world is in can appreciate the wider picture of how EcoCounts seeks to create change can offer help in any of those fields below has the availability to commit to it long-term likes co-operation, exchange of ideas, flexibility can put their ideas across clearly while seeking first to understand others

What difference will you make?

This is a role for someone who is looking for a piece of the action and we are an organisation that can give that to you. We only have 3 trustees so when any of them are unavailable, we really feel it. We have 1 full-time volunteer and we’re looking for someone to take on some of the workload and help drive progress in addition to the standard trustee duties.


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