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Volunteer Community Engagement and Collaboration Lead - enABLE Foundation Global

enABLE Foundation


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Community Outreach Coordinator for enABLE Foundation Global: Bridge the gap between our foundation and communities, collaborating with teams to foster awareness, support, and effective dementia care initiatives.


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Datchet, SL3 9AS

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What will you be doing?

At enABLE Foundation Global, our mission revolves around supporting individuals with dementia and advocating for their well-being and rights. Central to this mission is the role of the Community Outreach Coordinator. Primary Responsibilities:

Community Engagement:

Develop partnerships with local communities, healthcare providers, relevant organizations, and stakeholders. Organize and participate in events, workshops, and seminars aimed at raising awareness about dementia, educating the public, and highlighting the foundation's initiatives.

Program Coordination:

Collaborate with the Program Manager to design, implement, and promote community-based programs that cater to the needs of individuals with dementia and their caregivers. Ensure the consistent delivery of services to the communities, maintaining the standards set by enABLE Foundation Global.

Feedback Collection:

Facilitate feedback sessions, surveys, and open forums to understand the needs, challenges, and suggestions of the communities served. Collaborate with the Data Analyst to interpret feedback and incorporate relevant insights into outreach strategies.

Team Collaboration:

Work closely with other roles within the foundation, ensuring that community engagement aligns with the overall organizational goals and strategies. Act as a bridge between the foundation and the community, ensuring open and transparent communication.

Resource Allocation:

Coordinate with the fundraising team to allocate resources effectively for community programs and initiatives. Ensure timely distribution of materials, aids, and other resources for events and activities.


Stay updated on local and global dementia-related issues, collaborating with the Advocacy Specialist to address community-specific challenges at the legislative and policy levels. Amplify community voices and ensure their representation in the foundation's advocacy efforts.

What are we looking for?


Relationship Building: Ability to cultivate and nurture relationships with diverse community groups, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders. Communication Proficiency: Articulate in both written and verbal forms, with the skill to convey the foundation's objectives to different audiences effectively. Event Coordination: Adeptness in organizing community events, workshops, and seminars, ensuring they run smoothly and achieve desired outcomes. Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding of the cultural nuances and varied backgrounds within communities, enabling tailored outreach approaches. Strategic Planning: Capability to design and execute community engagement strategies, ensuring alignment with the foundation's mission.


Community Engagement: Proven track record of successful outreach or community engagement initiatives, preferably in the healthcare or non-profit sectors. Partnership Development: History of creating and sustaining partnerships with other organizations, local businesses, or governmental bodies to further outreach efforts. Program Implementation: Experience in rolling out community programs or initiatives, from the planning phase to execution and evaluation. Public Speaking: Past instances of representing an organization in public forums, workshops, or seminars, articulating its mission and goals.


Empathetic Listener: Ability to understand and resonate with the concerns, needs, and aspirations of community members. Collaborative Spirit: Works synergistically with internal teams and external partners, valuing collective efforts over individual achievements. Proactive Initiative: Self-driven to identify opportunities or areas of need within communities and takes action without always waiting for directives. Detail-Oriented: Ensures all aspects of community programs, from planning to execution, are meticulously handled. Resilient and Adaptable: Navigates challenges and uncertainties in community work with grace, adjusting strategies as required for optimal impact.

What difference will you make?

The Community Outreach Coordinator will be a pivotal force within enABLE Foundation Global, bridging the foundation and the wider community. Their role holds profound significance in furthering our mission, and here's the tangible impact they will render:

Creating and executing outreach programs will help elevate the community's understanding of dementia, its challenges, and the measures to mitigate its effects. This heightened awareness is essential for fostering empathy and supportive environments for those affected by dementia. Their continuous efforts will lead to greater community involvement, ensuring more hands on deck through volunteers, partnerships, or collaborative projects. A collective endeavour often amplifies the magnitude of the impact. By being on the front lines and interacting with the community, they'll gather valuable feedback, insights, and testimonials. This feedback is instrumental in refining the foundation’s strategies and ensuring our approaches remain relevant and effective. They will be central in organizing workshops, seminars, and training sessions. These initiatives will educate the community on preventative measures, caregiving techniques, and the latest research findings related to dementia. By ensuring that the voices of those affected by dementia are heard and represented, they will empower them, giving them agency and a platform to share their experiences and challenges. They will create a societal culture through sustained efforts where dementia is understood, not stigmatized. A society where individuals with dementia and their caregivers are respected, supported, and integrated without prejudice.


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