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Volunteer Fundraising Manager for Dementia Care Initiatives at enABLE Foundation

enABLE Foundation


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Seeking fundraising managers for enABLE Foundation. Collaborate with our PR, marketing, and social media teams to secure resources for our mission in dementia care. Your efforts will shape futures.


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What will you be doing?

At enABLE Foundation, we're on a mission to reduce the impact of dementia world wide. As our initiatives grow, so does our need for resources. Enter the Fundraising Manager - pivotal in sustaining and advancing our projects. Working alongside a dedicated team of PR, marketing, and social media professionals, you'll be the bridge that connects our cause with potential supporters. Key Responsibilities:

Strategy Development: Craft sustainable fundraising strategies that align with our mission, ensuring a steady flow of resources for our ongoing projects. Donor Relationships: Build and nurture relationships with current and potential donors, understanding their motivations and keeping them engaged with regular updates about the impact of their contributions. Collaboration: Work closely with the PR, marketing, and social media teams to amplify our fundraising campaigns, ensuring consistent messaging and maximizing reach. Event Management: Oversee the planning and execution of fundraising events, whether virtual or physical, ensuring they align with our brand and mission. Financial Oversight: Track and report on fundraising metrics, ensuring transparency and efficient use of resources. Grants and Proposals: Research potential grant opportunities and lead the drafting and submitting compelling proposals.

Qualities and Skills:

Passion: A genuine interest in enABLE Foundation's mission and a desire to bring about meaningful change in the dementia care landscape. Communication: Strong interpersonal and writing skills, capable of crafting compelling narratives about our cause and interacting effectively with stakeholders. Analytical Ability: Proficiency in understanding fundraising metrics, analyzing campaign performance, and making informed decisions. Organisational Skills: Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring timely execution and attention to detail. Teamwork: Collaborative spirit, valuing the inputs from different teams and ensuring alignment in strategies and execution.

Experience: While prior experience in fundraising is a plus, we're equally keen on individuals who bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and a drive to make a difference. If you've collaborated with multidisciplinary teams or have a history of successful project management, we'd love to hear from you.

What are we looking for?


Fundraising Techniques: Mastery of diverse fundraising methods, including grants, corporate partnerships, individual donations, and events. Stakeholder Communication: Ability to articulate the foundation's mission and projects persuasively to potential donors and partners. Budget Management: Proficiency in setting fundraising goals, tracking contributions, and ensuring financial transparency in reporting. Collaboration: Capable of working harmoniously with PR, marketing, and social media teams to ensure consistent messaging and maximize outreach.


Campaign Management: Track record of designing and executing successful fundraising campaigns aligned with organizational goals. Donor Relations: Proven experience in building and nurturing relationships with individual donors, corporate partners, and grant-making institutions. Cross-functional Collaboration: Previous work with PR, marketing, or social media teams, ensuring integrated campaign strategies.


Committed: A genuine dedication to enABLE Foundation Global's mission, driven to mobilize resources for the cause. Strategic Thinker: Ability to foresee opportunities, plan fundraising strategies, and adapt to changing scenarios. Transparent: Prioritizes clarity and openness in all financial and donor-related communications. Empathetic: Understands the needs of individuals with dementia and their families, ensuring fundraising efforts genuinely serve the beneficiaries. Resilient: Maintains enthusiasm and determination in the face of challenges, continually finding innovative solutions to meet fundraising goals.

What difference will you make?

At enABLE Foundation, the narrative of dementia care unfolds every day, and each member of our team plays a pivotal role in this ongoing story. As a Fundraising Manager, your contribution holds a unique and tangible significance.

Bridging Resources and Needs: While our PR, marketing, and social media managers disseminate information and foster connections, it's through your fundraising efforts that the necessary resources are mobilized. Your role ensures that the awareness raised translates into actionable support, turning intent into impact. Empowering Initiatives: Our projects, whether community outreach, research, or educational campaigns, thrive on funding. Your work in securing these funds ensures the continuity and effectiveness of these initiatives, directly influencing the lives of those living with dementia and their caregivers. Strengthening Collaborations: Successful fundraising often requires collaboration with various stakeholders - from corporate sponsors to individual donors. Your ability to forge and maintain these relationships enhances enABLE's network and community, fostering a collective spirit in our mission. Driving Strategic Growth: Financial resources are the backbone of strategic expansion. As you bring in funds, you also pave the way for the foundation to explore new avenues, reach more communities, and amplify our services. Your impact is felt in every new project launched and in every individual we assist. Ensuring Sustainability: In the non-profit sector, sustainability is vital. Your role supports current projects and ensures the foundation's longevity, guaranteeing our services remain available to those in need, today and in the future.


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