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Volunteer Youth Health Drama Project Coordinators Multi-locations



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MyHealthnet Youth Health Drama and Project require experienced coordinators to network, recruit talents, and manage support actors developing well-being learning resource videos...


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Dartford, DA1 2LE

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What will you be doing?

Are you interested in taking part in a health media project?  Experienced in Producing Educational and Informative videos?   'MyHealthnet Health Drama Group members come together to write scripts on health and social issues and produce informative and educational videos.  They also create promotional service videos to raise awareness of youth health. Our coordinators will provide you with assistance in creating educational materials, promoting events, and audio production for radio. Our coordinating teams will handle video editing, recording, uploading to MyHealthnet's websites, and video sharing on media platforms. This is a fantastic chance to acquire new skills, connect with others and make a positive contribution to the community.  Sign up today!

What are we looking for?

MyHealthnet coordinators recruit actors, network, and ensure actors communicate characters or situations to deliver messages to an audience through speech, delivering educational content, emotive and expressive feedback, body language and movements.  Help make videos accessible on a variety of channels, online, in local venues, and on TV and Radio. Also, interpreting scripts and working with writers under the instruction and support of a director, helping actors to devise a character or improvising the reactions of a character to a situation for clarity. Support actors during online and live stage performances of their role to record for all parts, Radio and TV work, advertising, and film parts and fundraising for resources.  As well as providing entertainment, you ensure production involves education, training, or therapy for all youth groups.  You are skilled, with a creative and imaginative mind, able to develop videos and distribute on social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tic-Tok, Instagram, Twitter etc. Being sociable, and non-judgemental, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, you can respond to feedback from actors for a better experience of filming. You are organised, flexible, and excited about working with young people to get them to auditions, learn lines, and rehearse. You can support and research roles to help prepare for a part and discuss interpretation and delivery with other actors and directors. Confident in performing in coordinating and acting for a live audience, podcasting, location filming, online, TV, Radio broadcast, voice-overs for ads, recording audiobooks, managing the performance area, costumes and props, and activities in different locations. Coordinate travel arrangements, actors, set-up stage work and dismantling of the performance areas. Liaise with venue managers and host providers to keep attendance records for line managers Gather new data from guests, actors and or screen production or directors for developing resources. Video and or video editing skills are required for managing professional standard group production and people management is essential for supporting everyone from script writers, wardrobe team, actors, or coordination. Effective fundraising skills are essential for resource development for your team.

What difference will you make?

"Our film aims to educate young people about social, reproductive, sexual and psychosexual health and well-being issues through relatable everyday stories." To capture the essence of the purpose more engagingly.The film will achieve its goals by using "everyday communication skills", focusing on the identified social issues affecting young people, and they will lead in the video production. It is hoped that the video will educate young people about health, improve communication with health providers, and promote healthy relationships. MyHealthnet service is for all young people including those with vision, hearing impairment, and learning or physical disabilities and they can all take part in the project. MyHealthnet is "Disability Confident and Committed," as an inclusive service.  The film will raise awareness about Reproductive, Sexual and psychosexual health, and everyday growing pains in the lives of young people in our communities, using everyday communication skills. Thus, helping young people to find ways of communicating with health providers and accessing services timely in meeting their needs. Improving confidence in getting help at the point of need and providing support where these are lacking. Bringing communities together to share experiences and solutions. Communicating about youth sexual health is made easier and better understood by change agents including families. MyHealthnet is Disability Confident and Committed Reg. No. DCS034862.  We value the contributions of all people who can work with MyHealthnet.  We are an inclusive service, people with skills, and or required ability and commitment level can serve at MyHealthnet.


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