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Volunteer Mentor - Mentoring for Mothers



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Get your mentee where they want to be through boosting confidence and wellbeing, building lasting independence through goal-setting skills and connecting mentees with one or more community group that meets their needs. 


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What will you be doing?

Driven by highly trained, volunteer mentors, Unfold offers support that works for lasting change. We provide 1-2-1 mentoring for young people aged 10-25 and mothers with children aged 5+. We also run women's support groups. Our mentoring programmes are offered to individuals living within Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and the surrounding boroughs and empower mentees to get where they want to be.  Your Role Unfold are currently looking for volunteers who can mentor on either our Mentoring for Mothers programme or our Mentoring for Children and young people’s programme, both of which have an adaptive programme to support asylum seekers. Being trained in safeguarding, the person-centred approach, the growth mindset, mentoring and more, you will empower our mentees using a psychological approach to get them where they want to be, through achieving our aims of boosting confidence, building lasting independence and connecting mentees with 1 or more organisation. You will:

Empower your mentee to help them achieve and identify goals to get them where they want to be, through encouraging your mentee to consider future options and assist them in developing strategies to attain their goals. Develop a trusting, supportive and non-judgemental relationship, to support them through their challenges by providing emotional, social and practical support to boost confidence and independence. Support your mentee to make social connections with their local community, services or groups and refer and signpost them to other organisations providing more specialist support if needed.

Impact By becoming a mentor with Unfold, you will be supporting those who often face exclusion. 85% of the families we support are single headed households led by a woman, 93% of our service users are from racialised groups, 60% of our referrals come from other supporting services and we have adapted our services to support Afghan evacuees and asylum seekers. Commitment

We ask volunteers to commit to a 1-hour weekly support session, over a period of three to six months (12-24 sessions in total). You will need to be able to meet your mentee in person at least twice a month. and we require a DBS check, which we take care of (free of charge), as well as two recent references.

What are we looking for?

We ask that mentors have three years of professional experience that they can impart onto our mentors. We ask that you are over 18 and that you can commit to an hour a week online, on the phone, or in person for 3-6 months. We will ask you for two references and we will process a DBS check for you.  These are the categories our service users ask for:  Mindfulness – “as a mentor you need to be open minded, you need to always be mindful about what your mentee is feeling so they don’t feel like they are forced, or the session is about you” • Good listener – “asking good questions and being genuinely interested, so your mentee feels more welcome and cared for” • Patient – “as a mentee, having a mentor can feel strict at first, and they might need some time before getting into the flow of sessions” • Relatable – “understanding your mentees’ interests or experiences and being able to share your experiences with them”  

What difference will you make?

From analysing impact over the last year, we can see our programme has a demonstrable positive impact on our service users:

Confidence: At the start of the programme, 43% of women said that do not often feel confident and 57% said that they only sometimes feel confident. By the end of their mentoring, the service users had experienced a complete turnaround, with 100% of women stating that they often feel confident. Life satisfaction: at the beginning of our programmes, women rate their life satisfaction levels at an average of 5.4 out of 10, while by the end, this average significantly increased to 8 out of 10. 100% of women participating felt that having a mentor had changed their lives, All participants gave their experience with Unfold five out of five stars. All of the participants would recommend Unfold to their friends and family, and their actions in doing this have contributed to the growth in our service users.


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