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Volunteer Parent Facilitator & Trainer



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We are looking for a Volunteer Parent Coordinator to support us to develop and deliver parenting activities in the UK and build a community where parents can learn, connect, share resources, and support one another.


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What will you be doing?

Parenting is one of the hardest and most important jobs anyone can do. It is quite a challenge for most families and also parenting children from other cultures/race is even more challenging. We have a parent cohort that requires a coordinator to oversee and coordinate activities. The Parent cohort is a support group that provides healthy parenting skills, positive parenting tips as well as self-care for parents. Afrikindness provides the platform for webinars, trainings and conferences to build parent skills, network and connect, share resources, and support one another.  The Parent cohort coordinator oversees the Afrikindness Parent group and the role is essential to achieving the overall objectives of Afrikindness. We are looking for a parent coordinator preferably to support and work with our CEO and Board of Trustees to oversee the parent community. We would like to build a community of parents in the UK and deliver programs, webinars, and events that will make a real difference in families and the lives of children and young adults. You will coordinate a team of volunteers (parents)  to launch the parent cohort, coordinate regular and effective webinars, and deliver a high-quality parenting skills program, thereby bringing that needed awareness of the benefit of community engagement, network, and support within the community. This is a leadership role, we need someone to create a cohesive, responsible, and efficient team contributing to the above, which brings rewards in terms of development, infectious positive morale, togetherness, and contributing significantly to the future of this organization. Our focus is to

Explore generational and cultural patterns that are holding parents back from being the parent they want to be and that affect the overall well-being of the child(ren). Support parents with resources, training, and information that can help them thrive in the UK as effective parents and build a network for connection. Carry out activities including webinars that will look through every parent-related topic such as Identity crisis, race, anti-racism in early childhood education and the role of parents, the issues with names (cultural names),  safeguarding issues, Bullying, Resilience, Puberty in Kids, life in UK etc. Other related topics that affect the mental health of parents or children and children-related topics that parents need to know.

What are we looking for?

Duties: Growing & connecting the Afrikindness community is the goal of the role and volunteers can be expected to get involved in the following; 

Hosting webinars, events, and conferences - promoting, organizing, and hosting community events, and webinars including getting speakers, and professionals in the field of parenting & child support. Engage CEOs and prominent people and dignitaries. Training - facilitate parent training - preferably someone with parenting certification Communications - Use owned channel and Afrikindness organic reach to promote the parent cohort Identify local & international influencers, and speakers, for our conferences and events. Ensure relevant community announcements and parenting information are shared and seen by the community. Monitor success of the group and share learnings   To work in partnership with relevant agencies, to develop and deliver a Kids Academy model, to enhance the outcomes for children and families.

We are looking for people willing to bring energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the role, and who will broaden the diversity of thinking on our board. We are looking for someone who is passionate about parenting, children, and young adults, who are keen on Africa, and looking at making a difference in the community. We are looking for people who will join the team and progress to an Executive position. Skills required: -

Experience in delivery of programs, webinars, and comprehensive knowledge of the issues and developmental needs of black children as well as parenting. Understanding the safeguarding issues in relation to children is necessary. Must have excellent communication skills and the ability to plan events and webinars, they must have the ability to be positive in approach; supporting and encouraging others through uncertainty or change. Have a good understanding of the pressures  parents face and an interest in seeking solutions to those issues.


Communication, outreach, and engagement skills, to approach and recruit new parents, speakers, and influencers. Eagerness to establish and maintain relationships with internal and external partners Experience in parenting and community building.

What difference will you make?

You will facilitate the talk show and podcast for the Parent community. You will be responsible for leading the team of volunteers, overseeing the parent group, and will work with our Founder and the education team to build our parent community. You will work with marketing & training consultants to create visually compelling content. You will work with our Research team & CEO so that we can create programs that are research-backed and data-informed and identify relevant organizations, speakers, and influencers that we can partner with, and share resources and expertise. As a parent coordinator with Afrikindness, you will help to create the image of Afrikindness seen and understood by the community we serve. Through your work, you will be contributing to the work we do, bringing awareness to the mental health issues children face, the lack of empathy, issues with bullying, hatred, racism, and the effect on children and the significant role of parents in all these as a key stakeholder in building a kind society. Your input, help, and expertise will enable us to scope new possibilities, activities, and ways of working that will benefit the wider parent community as well as allies. You will help us reach out to other communities from other ethnic backgrounds and your networking will help amplify the work already being done by an excellent team of volunteers. 


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