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Volunteer Head, Representational Affairs



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Under the guidance of the Under-Secretary-General, the Head, will assist in fulfilling the Secretary-General’s responsibilities for representational affairs, international cooperation, external relations matters, and ethics.


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London, EC1A 2BN

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What will you be doing?

Under the guidance of the Secretary-General, the Head of Representational Affairs assists in fulfilling the Secretary-General’s responsibilities for representational affairs, international cooperation, accountability, risk management, external relations matters, internal audit, investigation and evaluation functions, and ethics. He/she ensures IYF’s platforms, distribution tools, and outreach capabilities are designed to have the strongest possible impact with the broadest possible audience. The ASG leads efforts to build and coordinate messaging and content from the IYF around the world, shining a spotlight on situations of importance and ensuring recognition of the IYF’s impact in serving young people, and leading global campaigns on critical issues of priority for the Federation.   Duties and Responsibilities

Lead the global efforts on Representational Affairs, by organizing meetings, preparing its documents and assisting the Secretary-General in its work on matters related to oversight official representation and implantation of policies and procedures; Provide advice on harmonizing policies, business practices and procedures on the provision in managing IYF Representatives across the world; act as the focal point for updating the regional compendium of administrative policies, practices and procedures; Maintains liaison with heads of HQ divisions and IYF Representatives in Member States, as well other international organizations and external partners on substantive representational issues; Manages the representative-related correspondence of the Secretary-General and coordinates follow-up across the IYF; Oversees the preparation of and reviews draft correspondence, official statements and reports for the Secretary-General's signature or clearance; Maintains liaison with senior officials in IYF’s departments/divisions regarding ongoing programmes and other administrative matters; monitors processes and schedules related to the IYF’s work; Ensures smooth and efficient information flow within the IYF; prepares and processes confidential information; assists in the development of Executive Office administrative systems and procedures; Researches, compiles and summarizes background materials for use in preparation of reports, briefs, speeches and other public information materials; and Responds or drafts responses to a wide range of correspondence and other communications.


What are we looking for?


Lead (Level-4) Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act as a team towards achieving a common goal. Design (Level-4) Ability to recognize what changes are required and create a path for improvement using existing knowledge, problem solving skills, creativity and original ways of working. Empower (Level-4) Empowerment is a practice of giving team members skills, authority, opportunity and motivation so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve performance. Mobilize (Level-4) Ability to identify resources and activities that individuals and organizations will undertake to support the IYF’s strategic goals and objectives. Engage and influence appropriate donors by building win-win relationships. Inspire (Level-4) Inspiration and lead by example is about energizing and creating a sense of direction and purpose in others, unlocking motivation and momentum for positive change.

  Functional Competencies

Ability to conceptualize and convey strategic vision from the spectrum of development experience. Strong people management skills. Ability to provide information, tools, resources to support work achievement. Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.


Highly interested in youth empowerment issues. Relevant management and administrative support skills are required.

  Experience Five years of experience and results preferred in administrative, human resources, youth empowerment role, training, knowledge management, development, communications, international relations, capacity building, sport, women’s empowerment, public administration, public affairs, or another relevant field.

What difference will you make?

The Head will provide vision, innovation, and leadership and strategically directs and manages BRA team to deliver high performance and quality, which will help us improve the overall delivery and support our youth empowerment programmes. 


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