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Volunteer Honorary Secretary



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Are you driven by a passion to create positive change and make a meaningful impact within the realm of Group Psychotherapy? An exciting opportunity awaits for a dedicated and enthusiastic individual to join our charity as an Honorary Secretary!


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What will you be doing?

As our Honorary Secretary, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our charity - The Institute of Group Analysis (IGA). This presents a unique opportunity for you to contribute your skills and expertise towards supporting IGA's mission. IGA's Mission:

To promote the theory and practice of group analysis in the UK and internationally. To relieve mental distress of individuals through the clinical application of group analysis. To increase the well-being and functioning of individuals, groups, and organizations through education in the principles and method of group analysis. To maintain the IGA as one of the leading national and international psychotherapy training organizations. To promote continuing professional development for members of the IGA.

Key Responsibilities:

Record Keeping: Accurately record and maintain minutes of meetings. Documentation Management: Manage and organize important documents related to IGA's initiatives. Communication Coordination: Facilitate seamless communication between board members and volunteers. Event Planning: Assist in the planning and execution of events and initiatives. Values Upholding: Uphold the values and mission of the charity in all activities.

Skills and Experience: Your success in this role will be supported by:

Strong organizational and communication skills. Detail-oriented approach with effective multitasking abilities. Passion for the charity's mission.

Benefits of Joining:

Contribute to the advancement of group analysis in the UK and beyond. Make a positive impact on mental health and well-being through your role. Develop professionally in a leading psychotherapy training organization. Join a community dedicated to continual learning and growth.

What are we looking for?


Excellent IT skills and knowledgeable about Microsoft and Share point. Excellent organisational skills Maintaining accurate records on the IGA online Microsoft account digital records. Working as a team member committed to the IGA's values Acquiring Knowledge of Charity law and the voluntary sector Developing a good understanding of the wider regulatory, legislative and psychotherapeutic context within                                   which  the IGA operates. Member of the IGA (not essential)

TERM OF OFFICE The Honorary Treasurer will normally hold office for a term of three years, with the option of standing for a further two years.  A term should not exceed a total of five years in office. The Honorary Treasurer is accountable to the Chair and the Board of Trustees. You will be joining a dedicated Board of Trustees. The time commitment for the role is variable but much of it can be undertaken electronically or by phone.   Location: Hampstead, in North London

What difference will you make?

An Honorary Secretary holds the potential to create a meaningful impact for a charitable institution like IGA. Here are several avenues through which an Honorary Secretary can contribute significantly:

Efficient Governance: Ensure the smooth functioning of the organization by maintaining accurate and comprehensive minutes of meetings. This documentation provides a historical record of decisions, discussions, and actions taken, facilitating transparency and accountability. Organizational Structure and Compliance: Contribute to the efficient management of essential documents, ensuring that the organization adheres to legal and regulatory requirements.  Communication Facilitation: Serve as a central point for communication between board members, volunteers, and other stakeholders. Effective communication coordination ensures that all relevant parties are informed, engaged, and aligned with the organization's mission and goals. Values and Mission Upholding: Uphold the values and mission of the charity in all activities. The Honorary Secretary plays a key role in ensuring that the organization remains true to its principles and goals, fostering a positive and cohesive organizational culture. Professional Development Support: Contribute to the promotion of continuing professional development for members of the organization.  Strategic Input and Decision-Making: Provide valuable input during strategic discussions and decision-making processes. The Honorary Secretary, being closely involved in the governance structure, can offer insights and perspectives that contribute to the overall strategic direction of the organization.


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