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Volunteer Experienced Fundraiser and Grant/bid Writer



Posted over 30 days ago...

 We are looking for a Fundraising and Grant-writing professional to join our executive team to help secure funds, grants, and partnerships to expand programs and make a positive impact. 


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Ossett, WF5 8ED

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

Afrikindness is a non-profit public-benefit organization with the primary aim of promoting acts of kindness amongst children and young adults, igniting a desire in them to make a positive impact in their communities.  It has a clear purpose focused on advancing education and the social and character development of children and young people.  The  Fundraising manager will work with the CEO and Board of Trustees and be responsible for seeking new partnerships, maintaining existing partnerships and developing new organizations to work with. You will be involved in planning events, engaging in outreach efforts, and raising awareness of our mission to increase our reach globally. You will increase individual and group contributions by building relationships and exploring new fundraising opportunities. You will take a leading role in liaising with partners to develop the connections and the opportunities they present, helping us to develop as an organization towards reaching our financial goals. This will also involve approaching businesses, local authorities, global organisations, and individuals to encourage donations; researching grant-making organisations, writing grants & applying for funding; organising and helping with fundraising activities such as sponsored or promotional events. The role will appeal to candidates who like an intellectual and creative challenge, who identify with causes addressing children's mental crises, racial diversity in education, and as well as promoting kindness in schools. It will require someone who wants to play an active role in major societal and global change. It is the perfect opportunity for a volunteer who is enthusiastic and enjoys researching and creating new connections and developing corporate and global partnerships through creating invitations and communications. Capacity, Commitment, and Connections are key for this role.    

What are we looking for?

Exceptional Writing Skills: strong written communication skills to create persuasive & compelling proposals that effectively convey the mission, impact, and goals of Afrikindness. Grant Writing Expertise: Proficiency in grant writing techniques, including understanding funding guidelines, crafting clear and concise narratives, and presenting a compelling case for support. Research Abilities: the ability to identify potential funding opportunities, gather relevant information, and understand the requirements and priorities of different grant-making organizations. Financial Literacy: Understanding financial concepts and budgeting to develop realistic funding proposals, track fundraising progress, and demonstrate fiscal responsibility to potential donors. Persuasive Communication: The ability to articulate Afrikindness mission, goals, and impact in a persuasive and convincing manner, both in written proposals and verbal interactions with potential donors and stakeholders. Creativity and Innovation: develop unique and engaging fundraising strategies, campaigns, and events that captivate donors  Relationship Building: Engaging, building and nurturing relationships with donors, sponsors, and other stakeholders to cultivate long-term partnerships and secure ongoing financial support. Attention to Detail:  in preparing grant proposals, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and adherence to specific guidelines and requirements. Collaboration and Teamwork: Ability to work collaboratively with the organisation's team, including the founder, trustees, volunteers, and other staff members, to gather necessary information, align fundraising strategies, and coordinate efforts for successful fundraising campaigns. Passion for the Cause: A genuine passion for the mission and vision of Afrikindness, as well as a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of children and young people globally.

Key skills

Exceptional Writing Skills Passion and Commitment Fundraising and financial experience  Team player, an empathetic approach Communication

Key Deliverables:

Crafting Persuasive Bid Proposals Researching and Identifying Funding Opportunities Building Relationships and Networking - Global connections Creative Fundraising Initiatives/strategy to increase funding

What difference will you make?

As a Fundraiser for Afrikindness, a charity supporting children and their families on character development and addressing issues that affect marginally racialized communities, your role will make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.  You will be joining our charity during an exciting point in our development and a period of real growth; your expert knowledge, skill, and experience will be critical to our success. You will have a key role in ensuring we can maintain the work that we do. You will be a part of our small, extremely friendly, and forward-thinking charity team.  You will work alongside other passionate members. Afrikindness would benefit from your help to raise the fundraising & partnership's key objective to the next level, developing and broadening the base of partners, connections, and expertise from organizations involved in a similar purpose and increasing our financial base so we can make more impact globally. You will be making a huge impact in the lives of children and young adults and creating a global movement for fostering positive racial diversity and promoting kindness in children. If you have the desire, passion, and skills to make a difference, please come on board. By successfully securing funds, grants, and partnerships, you will provide Afrikindness with the necessary resources to expand its reach and effectiveness. This means more financial support for essential programs, therapies, educational resources, and support services that directly benefit children & their families.  Your efforts will enable the expansion of services, increase accessibility, foster community awareness, and create a lasting impact for generations to come. Join us in making a positive change and empowering the lives of those we serve!


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