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Machine Learning Engineer (AI Foundation)

Flo health


Posted over 30 days ago...

Join Flo and harness AI to revolutionize women's health in a role that values innovation and expertise


icon Salary

£80000 - £140000

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London, England, United Kingdom,

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In-person- London United Kingdom

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Expires at anytime

Flo is a pioneering digital platform focused on enhancing women's health through advanced AI and machine learning technologies. With a mission to deliver accurate health insights and foster wellbeing, Flo empowers its engineers to drive meaningful change and contribute to a product that evolves constantly. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a team that values experimentation and end-to-end value delivery.

Role Summary:

  • Engage in LLM research to ensure medical accuracy and safety.
  • Develop and maintain LLM-based products that advance Flo's service offerings.
  • Model menstrual cycles and predict patterns using data from wearable devices.

Role Requirements:

  • 4+ years of professional machine learning experience.
  • Proficiency in classical ML algorithms and statistical concepts, particularly for A/B testing.
  • Understanding of deep learning and transformer-based architectures.
  • Strong programming skills and experience with big data technologies.
  • Excellent communication, ownership abilities, and system design skills are advantageous.
  • Prior experience in recommendations, chatbot development, data visualization, or the med-tech domain is a plus.

The compensation for this role is competitive, with a salary range of ₤80,000 to ₤140,000 per year, depending on your skills and experience. This position offers a hybrid work environment, allowing for a blend of in-office collaboration and remote flexibility.

Our engineers aren’t just building a better product; they’re making the world a better place by improving women’s health. We leverage machine learning and AI to provide accurate cycle predictions and relevant, personalized, medically credible health tips. We are committed to discover and empower our employees to implement brand-new solutions.
Flo is a place for experimentation and implementation opportunities at the senior level. Flo is not just a feature factory, we own value delivery end to end. Flo is a constantly evolving product. New features and technologies are added, hardening development. Our engineers have an average of 10 years of experience, so they can solve ambitious product tasks.

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer for the AI foundation team. Solutions the AI team build are rooted in our medical knowledge, technical skills, swift adoption of new technologies such as LLMs, product expertise, and in constant search for better understanding of our customers’ needs. Our responsibilities are broadly divided across several critical areas:

  • LLM research: We research LLM models in terms of medical accuracy, safety, technical characteristics and so on
  • LLM implementation and support: We build and oversee LLM-based products at Flo, which is a new and existing area of development
  • Menstrual cycle modelling, finding patterns and regularities in symptoms, symptoms prediction, utilising data from wearable devices, and more

Your Experience

Must have:

  • 4+ years of professional experience in the field of machine learning
  • Solid understanding of classical ML algorithms
  • Good understanding of statistical concepts, particularly in the context of A/B testing
  • Familiarity with fundamental concepts of deep learning and transformer-based architectures
  • Strong programming and algorithmic skills
  • Experience working with big data technologies

Nice to have:

  • Strong communication and ownership skills
  • Experience in recommendations and search, chatbot development
  • Experience in systems design with the ability to architect and explain machine learning pipelines
  • Data visualisation skills
  • Experience in the med-tech domain

What you'll be doing

You'll be responsible for:

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Development of ML algorithms
  • Deployment to millions of users
  • End-to-end ownership of ML problems

Salary range:
UK - ₤80,000 - ₤140,000 per year.

Ranges may vary depending on your skills, competencies and experience.

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