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Internship – Ocean System Data Post-processing

The Ocean Cleanup


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Join the forefront of oceanic innovation with The Ocean Cleanup's internship and contribute to pioneering technologies for a cleaner future


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The Ocean Cleanup is dedicated to the ambitious goal of clearing our oceans of plastic waste through cutting-edge technology. As an intern in the Hydro Team, you will play a critical role in evaluating and improving the performance of our plastic retention systems, directly contributing to our mission of ocean preservation.

  • Organization summary - The Ocean Cleanup is a leading environmental organization focused on developing advanced technologies to eliminate plastic pollution from the world's oceans. This is an opportunity to be part of a passionate team making tangible impacts on global sustainability.
  • Role Summary
    • Analyze and develop the design of the Ocean Cleanup's Retention System.
    • Process and evaluate underwater footage and data from offshore campaigns.
    • Collaborate with various teams to discuss improvements and outcomes.
    • Develop and refine data post-processing methods for future research.
    • Document findings and create a structured approach to data analysis.
  • Role Requirements
    • Fluency in English.
    • Completion or pursuit of a Master's or Bachelor's degree in engineering.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel, and knowledge of data science programming languages like Python or MATLAB.
    • A meticulous and detail-oriented approach to tasks.
    • Strong ability to communicate and work collaboratively.
    • Must be enrolled at a University (Master's/PhD program) and available for 40 hours/week during the internship.

The mission of The Ocean Cleanup is to develop and scale technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. To do so, we need to assess our ocean system's ability to catch plastic. It is important to understand how the system is performing and define areas of improvement. In this internship, you will work on providing an evaluation of the retention system performance by post-processing the data collected in our latest offshore tests while developing an efficient and organized method for future post-processing.

“There are just so many creative ideas to implement to see if they can improve our knowledge and ability to catch plastics in the ocean.” - Marceau Philippe-Janon, Hydro Engineer 
The intern will work in the Hydro Team inside the Ocean Department of The Ocean Cleanup, which aims to analyze and develop the design of the Retention System.

The intern will participate in the post-processing of underwater footage (~100h) from the latest offshore campaign. The emphasis will be given to the motion of the plastic in interaction with the system. Various types of data (motion recording units data, GPS data, metocean data) will also be used to evaluate the performance of the retention system.

The responsibilities include:

  • Post-processing data from offshore campaigns
  • Watch footage of the Retention System and correlate observations with Retention system conditions and metocean data
  • Provide conclusions on system performance
  • Liaise with the Retention System team and other Ocean team members for evaluation discussion on the design
  • Ensure proper documentation and comprehensive results and conclusion
  • Develop an efficient post-processing method
  • Construct and update methods for post-processing offshore data in view of Retention System performance evaluation
  • Liaise with Ocean team members, such as the Computational modeling team and R&D team, to define and improve post-processing methods
  • Ensure proper documentation and comprehensive results and conclusions
  • Due to the nature of the task (reviewing 100+ hours of footage), the assignment involves repetitive work


  • Fluent in English
  • Master's or Bachelor's degree in engineering
  • Experienced in Microsoft Office programs with a strong affinity for Excel
  • Experience with Python, MATLAB, or any other data science programming language is highly valued


  • Intrinsic motivation to work on our ambitious and meaningful mission
  • Meticulous, detail-oriented, structured
  • Can provide comprehensive reporting, able to synthesize results
  • Team player, diplomatic 
  • An affinity with numbers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to perform well in a fast-paced and highly challenging environment
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines

Please note that candidates must be enrolled at a University (Master's/PhD program) throughout the internship. The interns are expected to be available 40 hours/week throughout the internship.


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