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Science Operations System Engineer

European Space Agency


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Join ESA's elite team as a Science Operations System Engineer to shape the future of space science and technology.


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Villanueva de la Cañada, Spain

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In-person- Villanueva de la Cañada Spain

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The European Space Agency (ESA) is at the forefront of global space science, leading missions that explore the farthest reaches of our universe. As a key player in heliophysics, planetary science, astrophysics, and fundamental physics, ESA's mission is to empower Europe to be a leader in space science. Within the Directorate of Science, the Science and Operations Department (SCI-S) is crucial in managing space missions from inception through to data archiving, with the goal of maximizing scientific returns for humanity.

  • Be part of an expert team developing and managing operational systems for ESA's science missions.
  • Provide technical support, tackle engineering challenges, and implement new technologies.
  • Take a leading role in R&D, leveraging programs like DPTD, GSTP, and OSIP.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with software engineering technology watch for potential applications.
  • Contribute to knowledge dissemination and cross-departmental technology transfer.
  • A master's degree in engineering, software engineering, computational or space science.
  • Proven experience in systems engineering and science operations' ground infrastructure.
  • Skilled in managing industrial contracts, particularly in R&D.
  • Fluency in English or French, with additional languages as a plus.
  • Open to undergoing selection tests, with a workplace that supports diversity and disability accommodations.

The European Space Agency maintains a world-leading Science Programme with missions in heliophysics, planetary science, astrophysics and fundamental physics. Its mission is to 'Empower Europe to lead space science'. The Science and Operations Department (SCI-S) within ESA's Directorate of Science hosts the scientists and engineers that oversee the space missions from study to end of operations. It develops the science operation systems for the missions and operates the missions in space, as well as archiving and curating their data during operations and beyond. Its main objective is to maximise the scientific output of the missions for the benefit of humankind. You will be assigned as Science Operations System Engineer with a focus on identifying and coordinating on-going and novel engineering activities and systems to the benefit of several missions within the Department. You will report to the Head of the Science Operations Development Division (SCI-SD), working in a collaborative environment alongside the teams developing and operating science operations systems for all ESA science missions. Duties include providing expert technical support and consultancy to the missions’ Science Operations Centres and general studies throughout all project phases; identifying critical systems engineering problems affecting missions and assisting in their resolution; continuously seeking new technologies to improve the current solutions in science operations and other Departmental activities, anticipating obsolescence, and identifying the future needs of the missions; incentivising, leading and managing R&D for such technical solutions, making use of ESA’s Discovery, Preparation and Technology Development (DPTD), General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) and Open Space Innovation Platform (OSIP), for example; fostering new application areas for multidisciplinary activities, placing emphasis on innovative concepts, cutting-edge technologies and system architectures; performing software engineering technology watch with a view to potential applications within the Department; participating in reviews for other projects within the Directorate of Science as appropriate; contributing to the dissemination of the results of the activities performed and the transfer of knowledge across the Department. A master's degree in engineering, software engineering, computational or space science or space applications is required for the post. Experience in systems engineering, from requirements engineering to design and development, and then verification and validation, preferably, for science operations is also required. Experience in development, operations and maintenance of ground infrastructure and/or software systems, preferably, for science operations is also necessary. Experience in dealing with industrial contracts, in particular those related to R&D is also required. The working languages of the Agency are English and French. A good knowledge of one of these is required. Knowledge of another Member State language would be an asset. The Agency may require applicants to undergo selection tests. The Agency values diversity and welcomes people with disabilities. Whenever possible, we seek to accommodate individuals with disabilities by providing the necessary support at the workplace. The Human Resources Department can also provide assistance during the recruitment process.


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