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Volunteer Policy and Research Assistant

Africa Health Organisation (AHO)


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Could you help an international health NGO carry out research on health and socioeconomic indicators to understand the levels and trends in Africa and produce policies, plans and produce final copies to be uploaded on its publication section.


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What will you be doing?

Role Description We are looking for Policy and Research Volunteers who can help us demonstrate basic health and socioeconomic indicators, and has knowledge and experience of evaluation and research, alongside a broad knowledge of health and socioeconomic indicators. The post-holder will provide high-level analysis needed to help us understand a range of health and social issues. You will be using data and your quantitative and qualitative research background to analyse health and social indicator trends in Africa. Purpose of role To provide high-level analysis needed to help us understand a range of issues relating to wider health and social indicators, using large data sets and qualitative and quantitative research To gather and interpret the latest findings of research on wider health and social indicators, analysing the implications of current policy developments and translating complex papers for a lay audience. Specific Responsibilities A. Policy 1. To research and analyse information relevant to wider health and socioeconomic indicators 2. Analyse and review all available information and recommend options for implementation of policies B. Research 1. To research and collect data and information on health and social indicators such as • Morbidity indicators – e.g. AIDS incidence rate (100,000 pop) • Socioeconomic indicators – e.g. population % with water and sanitation • Demographic indicators – e.g. Life expectancy at birth (years) • Mortality indicators – e.g. Infant mortality rate (1,000 lb) • Resources indicators – Doctors per 1,000 pop, hospital beds per 1,000 pop • Access indicators – e.g. Contraceptive use (men; women, all methods) (%) • Coverage indicators – e.g. Immunisation coverage (%) under 1 year of age • Risk Factors – e.g. Tobacco use, Alcohol and drug misuse, overweight/obesity prevalence 2. Construct tables, graphs and maps using the data and information gathered from research ii. To write a report and produce the final copy that will be added to the website on

What are we looking for?

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge Degree in social science such as economics, epidemiology, public health, statistics, international development, etc 3 years experience of undertaking social research Strong quantitative and qualitative research skills Experience of analysing complex information and datasets Experience of writing reports at school or authoring/contributing to publications Good broad knowledge of the wider health and social indicators and determinants of health Familiarity with basic statistical analysis and epidemiology

What difference will you make?

The volunteer's impact on the organisation is increasing awareness of the charity through social media marketing to enable it carry out its projects in Africa and the UK. The volunteer will be able to allow the Directors time to concentrate on managing the organisation and reduce stress from the CEO by reducing his responsibilities. The organisation will be able to carry out its activities better with social media and marketing engagement with members, funders and stakeholders. This will increase the morale of the staff if they know that they have support from members to help them do their work. As for the impact on beneficiaries, this will be enormous. Our beneficiaries are people in Africa and UK with health and social care issues. We will be able to understand the issues people face specially for vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and children. We will be able to improve health and well-being for people with myriad conditions such as diabetes, cancers, kidney failure, etc. Having a social media marketer enables us to showcase our work to members and better support to people in humanitarian emergencies facing wars, diseases and starvation such as in South Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria and Central African Republic and members will be able to donate to the charity. We will be able to improve the welfare of the people in emergency situation. We will also be able to prevent maternal deaths and infant mortality which are high in Africa due to shortage of resources.


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