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Volunteer Social Media Lead

The Running Charity


Posted over 30 days ago...

The Running Charity delivers transformational running and personal development support for young people impacted by homelessness and multiple disadvantages. We are seeking a Videographer/Photographer to help us capture empowering stories.


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London, EC4A 4AS

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What will you be doing?

The Running Charity is seeking a Social Media Lead to enhance its online presence and engagement. This role involves:

Strategy Development: Support the crafting and implementation of The Running Charity's social media strategy Content Creation and Management: Producing and curating engaging content that resonates with the charity's audience. This includes creating posts, stories, videos, and other creative content that reflects the charity's mission and activities. Brand Advocacy: Serving as the online voice of the charity, ensuring all content aligns with its values, tone, and messaging. This requires understanding the charity's ethos and the needs of the young people it supports. Community Engagement: if appropriate, engage with followers by responding to comments, messages, and mentions. Analytics and Reporting: Monitoring, analysing, and reporting on the performance of social media campaigns and posts. Collaboration: Working closely with other team members, especially young people and coaches. Trend Awareness: Keeping abreast of the latest social media trends and best practices and adapting strategies accordingly to keep the charity's social media presence dynamic and engaging. Post Scheduling: Manage and schedule posts to ensure consistent and timely updates. This involves planning content in advance, using scheduling tools to maintain a regular posting schedule, and adapting as necessary to current events and trends. Engaging Visuals through Adobe Creative Cloud: Utilising Adobe Creative Cloud tools to create visually appealing and engaging content. This includes designing graphics, editing photos and videos, and ensuring that all visual content aligns with the charity's branding and message.

This role is vital in spreading awareness of The Running Charity's impact, attracting support, and engaging with a wider audience, ultimately contributing to the charity's mission of supporting young people impacted by homelessness and multiple disadvantages.

What are we looking for?

For the role of a Social Media lead at The Running Charity, the ideal candidate should possess the following skills, experience, and qualities:

Digital Marketing Skills: Proficiency in social media platforms and tools, with an ability to create and manage digital content effectively. Creativity and Design Skills: Experience in using design software like Adobe Creative Cloud to create engaging visuals. A good eye for aesthetics and visual composition is crucial. Excellent Writing and Communication Skills: Ability to articulate ideas clearly and compellingly in written form, maintaining the charity's voice and tone across all communications. Analytical Skills: Competence in analysing and interpreting social media metrics to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns and strategies, and making data-driven decisions. Adaptability and Trend Awareness: Keeping up with the latest social media trends and adapting content strategy accordingly. Empathy and Sensitivity: Understanding of the charity's mission and the needs of the young people it serves, ensuring content is respectful and empowering. Experience in Social Media Management: Prior experience in managing social media for a brand, organisation, or charity is highly beneficial. Passion for the Cause: A genuine interest in and commitment to the charity's mission of supporting young people experiencing homelessness and multiple disadvantages.

What difference will you make?

The Social Media lead would significantly amplify the charity's visibility and engagement online, creating greater awareness and support for its mission to empower young people experiencing homelessness.


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