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Volunteer Local Leaders for Climate and Sustainability Community Charity



Posted over 30 days ago...

Do you love working with people of all backgrounds & have a burning desire to do something about the climate crisis? We're building a diverse group of 30+ people in our area. We need 3 or 4 locally-based leaders to help kick it off.


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Islington, Camden, Hackney, Haringey, City of London, Westminster, N4 3LG

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

Did you ever wonder why it is so difficult for people in London to live sustainably and do something meaningful about the climate crisis? We're setting up this charity to find out how green & sustainable a group of Londoners can be. We hope to generate funding to do wonderful things but in the meantime, we need to find our members, work out how we will best organise ourselves, work with our members to come up with the ways and means to live sustainably and reduce our carbon footprints, and then start recording the data from our activities so we can demonstrate how effective we actually are. We believe in tackling all environmental and social crises as one: plastic, biodiversity, deforestation, soil degradation, overfishing, refugee, poverty, racism, sexism and all discrimination. We want to create demonstrative, visible evidence of improvements to our community through product and material re-use, re-purposing, recycling, better shopping and eating, energy and water efficiency gains, carbon footprint reduction, caring for nature and the built environment. Activities - over and above the "becoming more green & sustainable" part - include involvement in any or all of:

community outreach and participant recruitment strategy development marshalling ideas and feedback from participants attending and perhaps organising group meetings / communications schedule subgroup integration, performance monitoring, team-building fundraising liaising with other volunteers and trustees

Please apply & say hello, and get all your questions answered!

What are we looking for?

generalist with environmental awareness ability to herd cats - i.e. leadership qualities familiarity with cross-section of inner London society - religious, racial and class diversity ability to manage potentially unlimited breadth and depth of eco-actions affecting participants' everyday activities realistic but never-say-die attitude to climate change and sustainability grant application writing skills, networking skills, fundraising experience

What difference will you make?

Due to our newness, we have very little funding and are all volunteers at this point. This role is part of the core work of the charity - as a group of eco-warriors and "actually-I-m-not-an-eco-warrior" people, we need leaders who can find or adopt fellow volunteer participants from the area and make them feel that they're part of something special, new and effective, that the charity is supporting them in every way they expect, and that they can communicate the issues easily. We have just received National Lottery funding for six months to start building the foundation group and need real people-people with interpersonal skills to complement the qualities the other volunteers bring to the charity, to get this little community off the ground, and to take part in the planning, actions and fundraising for the next phase.

What is in it for you?

Without a doubt this role is for someone who feels the need to do something about the climate crisis (and all the other crises). The experience should also make a great entry on your CV.

Anything else...

To make a success of this, we figure you will really need to be local to our base area of Islington, Haringey, Hackney, Camden, Westminster or the City.


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