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Volunteer Brand Analyst



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Brand Analyst will be responsible for driving the growth of the IYF corporate brands and ensuring all aspects of its marketing are matching the IYF’s strategic goals.


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London, EC1A 2BN

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

The Headquarters Media and Advocacy team leads and manages external communications through strategy, media, digital communications, marketing, branding, and storytelling. The Media team within the Headquarters Media and Advocacy division is responsible for implementing a comprehensive digital strategy, including IYF’s multi-lingual corporate web site in many languages; and all aspects of digital media channels with cutting-edge multi-media and social media approaches, products, services, and platforms. Under the guidance of Chief, Media & Advocacy, the Brand Analyst will be responsible for driving the growth of IYF corporate brands and ensuring all aspects of its marketing are matching the IYF’s strategic goals.    Responsibilities (A) Brand Management:

Analyzing the brand and current strategy and highlighting areas of weaknesses or conflicting messages; Creating a comprehensive branding plan and brand strategy and ensuring all aspects of the IYF activities align with the ethos and goals of the brand; Sourcing creative initiatives and activities that fit with the context of the IYF brand; Creating an enduring brand message that results in increased awareness, added value and brand loyalty and improving market share; Championing the brand internally making sure all elements of the IYF understand the brand and its goals; Playing a crucial part in identifying creative branding approaches, sourcing, and manufacturing of the IYF brands services and products to ensure that all aspects are aligned with the corporate branding guidelines; Establishment of yearly programs for the development of the IYF branding procedures of the services and products offered by the IYF; Ensure brand communication for areas of responsibility are consistent with the IYF brand positioning; and Ensure the long-term management and performance of the brand.

(B) Marketing and Partnerships Support:

Developing high quality and effective marketing materials that align correctly with the overall brand strategy; Realistic forecasting of the branding opportunities, and ensuring all parts of the IYF are geared accordingly; Seek out new marketing opportunities that fit with the brand and maximizing all opportunities for growth; Assist in developing international marketing strategies and activities.

What are we looking for?

Core Competencies

Lead (Level-2) Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act as a team towards achieving a common goal. Design (Level-2) Ability to recognize what changes are required and create a path for improvement using existing knowledge, problem solving skills, creativity and original ways of working. Empower (Level-2) Empowerment is a practice of giving team members skills, authority, opportunity and motivation so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve performance. Mobilize (Level-2) Ability to identify resources and activities that individuals and organizations will undertake to support the IYF’s strategic goals and objectives. Engage and influence appropriate donors by building win-win relationships. Inspire (Level-2) Inspiration and lead by example is about energizing and creating a sense of direction and purpose in others, unlocking motivation and momentum for positive change.

  Functional Competencies

Ability to assist in strategic planning, results-based management and reporting. Ability to assist in corporate strategic initiatives. Excellent computer, internet, social media and information system skills. Excellent communication and coordination skills.

  Skills Required for Position

Ability to interact cordially and communicate with a diverse community. Effective oral and written communication skills. Ability to assess and evaluate situations quickly, accurately and effectively.

  Experience A minimum of three-years of experience and results preferred in graphic design for visual identity and website development proven through the provision of a comprehensive portfolio, branding and building visual concepts and storytelling, and working with creative content-driven projects or another relevant field.

What difference will you make?

The Brand Analyst will support the Federation's wide communications strategy, and its associated projects and action plans, aiming to empower youth worldwide.


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