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Volunteer Chief Digital Officer



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Chief Digital Officer (CDO) provides leadership and support to the digital transformation of the organization. As a digital champion in the organization, CDO energizes and supports staff and their respective offices in transforming IYF digitally.


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London, EC1A 2BN

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What will you be doing?

Reporting to the Secretary-General through the Under- Secretary-General, the IYF Chief Digital Officer (CDO) provides leadership and support to the digital transformation of the organization. As a digital champion in the organization, the CDO energizes and supports staff and their respective offices in transforming IYF digitally. The CDO manages the day to day operation and oversight of functions in the ICT Support Unit to ensure that information technology structures and systems for IYF are responsive to business needs.   Responsibilities

Serve as a lead focal point for the implementation of digital strategies, convene, empower, and lead cross-bureau and cross-organizational team to support the identification, testing, design and scaling (as applicable) of initiatives that are supportive of IYF’s digital transformation; Act as a trusted advisor to Bureau Directors, Representatives and other senior staff of IYF as they set about digitally transforming their respective areas of work; Coordinate the implementation of the digital transformation activation plan including supporting the design of initiatives related to digital transformation, progress monitoring, and consolidated reporting of results; Lead, supervise Information and Communications Technology team under his/her responsibility and oversee the management of activities undertaken by the team, as well as manage, guide, develop and train staff under his/her supervision; Plan, provide and manage ICT services to IYF, including its numerous representational offices, technical cooperation projects and, upon request, intergovernmental bodies and Member States; Oversee the development and deployment of innovative, sustainable and affordable enterprise IT solutions for IYF Member States in specific programmatic areas; Oversee and conduct periodic security risk assessments of ICT operations, giving priority to business continuity and recovery considerations; Ensure strategic planning, reporting and compliance with standards, rules and regulations as well as with audit recommendations; Foster teamwork and communication among staff in the team and across the organization; Represent the Office in the field of information technology at meetings and working groups as required; and Perform other work related duties as may be required.

What are we looking for?


Lead (Level-3) Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act as a team towards achieving a common goal. Design (Level-3) Ability to recognize what changes are required and create a path for improvement using existing knowledge, problem solving skills, creativity and original ways of working. Empower (Level-3) Empowerment is a practice of giving team members skills, authority, opportunity and motivation so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve performance. Mobilize (Level-3) Ability to identify resources and activities that individuals and organizations will undertake to support the IYF’s strategic goals and objectives. Engage and influence appropriate donors by building win-win relationships. Inspire (Level-3) Inspiration and lead by example is about energizing and creating a sense of direction and purpose in others, unlocking motivation and momentum for positive change.

  Functional Competencies

Ability to assist in strategic planning, results-based management and reporting Ability to assist in corporate strategic initiatives Excellent computer, internet, social media and information system skills Excellent communication and coordination skills

  Skills Required for Position

Ability to interact cordially and communicate with a diverse community Effective oral and written communication skills Ability to assess and evaluate situations quickly, accurately and effectively

  Experience A minimum of three-years of experience and results preferred in information and communication management, ICT infrastructure programme development, implementation and coordination, including web design, database development, systems management, internet/intranet systems, IT training. Solid ICT and information management strategies knowledge; proficiency in relevant hardware and software platforms and packages is desirable. Language Fluency in English with superior drafting skills is essential.

What difference will you make?

The Chief will support the Federation's wide-strategy, and its associated projects and action plans, aiming to empower youth worldwide.


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