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We are looking for a Volunteer Manager who will be responsible for the comprehensive oversight of the organization's volunteer program. A professional with experience in recruitment, volunteer strategy and management, HR policies and framework.


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Ossett, WF5 8ED

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What will you be doing?

The Volunteer Manager at Afrikindness plays a pivotal role in harnessing the power of volunteerism to advance the organization's mission. Tasked with orchestrating the volunteer program, a critical component of the organization's operational framework, which requires a strategic blend of interpersonal, organizational, and management skills. Volunteer Manager is responsible for the recruitment of volunteers. This involves crafting engaging volunteer advertisements, leveraging social media platforms, and hosting informational sessions. It's crucial to attract individuals whose skills, passions, and values align with the objectives of Afrikindness, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. Once volunteers are onboarded, the Volunteer Manager is responsible for their training and orientation. This includes educating them about the organization's goals, the specific impact of their work, and how they fit into the broader mission. Providing volunteers with clear expectations and the necessary tools for success is vital for their engagement and effectiveness. Managing volunteers encompasses scheduling, assigning tasks based on individual strengths and project needs, and monitoring progress. The Volunteer Manager acts as a bridge between volunteers and the organization, facilitating communication, providing support, and resolving any issues that arise. This role requires adaptability and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to motivate and inspire a diverse group of individuals. Recognition and retention are also key duties. The Volunteer Manager ensures that volunteers feel valued and appreciated, implementing formal and informal recognition programs and fostering a positive, inclusive community culture. This not only enhances volunteer satisfaction but also aids in retaining skilled individuals. Moreover, the Volunteer Manager evaluates the volunteer program's effectiveness, gathering feedback from volunteers and stakeholders to make data-driven improvements. This continuous assessment helps in aligning volunteer efforts more closely with the organization's goals and identifying new opportunities for volunteer engagement. Ultimately, the Volunteer Manager at Afrikindness is the linchpin of the volunteer program, ensuring that the energy, skills, and passion of volunteers are effectively mobilized to create lasting positive impact in the communities served by the organization.

What are we looking for?

Duties and Responsibilities

Plan and coordinate volunteer events and recognition programs to ensure that volunteers feel valued and appreciated. Develop and implement a volunteer recruitment plan to attract a diverse range of volunteers to best support the organisation's mission and goals with the support of other management team members. Manage the volunteer database, ensuring that accurate records are maintained, and reporting is provided as required.  Monitor volunteer performance and provide feedback and coaching to volunteers as required. Work with the necessary members of the organisation to promote the organisation's volunteer program to increase recruitment and recognise the contribution of volunteers.  Develop and implement a structure to ensure that volunteers are managed effectively, including regular communication, support and recognition of their contribution. Work closely with other volunteers to identify volunteer needs, match volunteers to appropriate roles, and ensure that volunteers are utilised effectively to support organizational goal. Monitor and manage the volunteer program budget to ensure that resources are used effectively.

Key Attributes

HR professional or have worked in a non-profit organisation managing volunteer database Strong passion for volunteer management and non-profit work. Strong experience in volunteer management, preferably in a non-profit organization. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Knowledge of best practices in volunteer management, including recruitment, recognition, and retention.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Desirable):

Minimum of two years experience in a non-profit or charitable organization, most preferably as a volunteer manager

What difference will you make?

This position is crucial to the society's strategic expansion efforts, with the volunteer manager responsible for the comprehensive oversight of the organization's volunteer program. This includes the recruitment, management, and acknowledgment of volunteers' contributions. The role demands close collaboration with fellow volunteers and key stakeholders to ensure the optimal utilization of volunteer resources in alignment with the organization's mission and objectives. Your contribution will be instrumental in advancing our mission to support children and young people as well as communities. By bolstering our volunteer numbers, you will play a pivotal role in delivering a greater impact on our community. As we embark on a new growth strategy, including our community campaign initiatives in several locations in the UK, your role is paramount in initiating this journey. The expansion of our volunteer base is fundamental to the successful implementation of our strategy aimed at extending support to a wider audience across our region.


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