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Volunteer Team Assistant and Campaign Co-ordinator



Posted over 30 days ago...

We are looking for a Team Assistant and Campaign Co-ordinator to support the Charity HUMEN. HUMEN  is leading a global movement to improve and maintain men’s mental health through The HUMEN Space.


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What will you be doing?

As a Team Assistant and Campaign Coordinator for HUMEN, you will play a pivotal role in supporting our operations and initiatives. This volunteer position involves a blend of administrative support, project management, and campaign coordination. Key Responsibilities:

Administrative Support: Manage daily operational tasks, coordinate schedules, and prepare documents and reports. Campaign Coordination: Help develop, implement, and manage campaigns aimed at advancing mental health awareness and well-being. Coordinate logistics for events and handle campaign-related communications. Communication: Support the maintenance of effective internal and external communication through various channels including social media and newsletters.

Reporting and Collaboration:

Reporting: You will report directly to Lauren Hutton, who is the Head of Fundraising and Partnerships. Lauren will provide guidance, support, and oversight for your activities. Collaboration: You will work closely with River Hawkins, who is the CEO and Founder, among others, to ensure that campaign goals are met and that all activities are well-coordinated with broader organisational efforts.

This position offers flexibility in your tasks and the opportunity to bring your unique skills and ideas to the table, enhancing our campaigns and operational effectiveness.

What are we looking for?

Key Skills:

Organisational Skills: Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritise effectively to ensure smooth operations. Project Management: Experience in planning, executing, and tracking project progress. Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication abilities to interact effectively with team members and external stakeholders. Administrative Proficiency: Competence in handling administrative duties such as scheduling, preparing documents, and managing databases. Social Media Savvy: Knowledge of various social media platforms and digital communication tools to enhance campaign outreach and engagement. Team Collaboration: Ability to work cooperatively in a team setting and with diverse groups of people. Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to identify issues and implement practical solutions promptly. Attention to Detail: Keen attention to detail to ensure accuracy in all aspects of work, from administrative tasks to campaign execution. Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and organisational needs. Passion for the Cause: Genuine interest and commitment to mental health advocacy and community service.

What difference will you make?

In your role as Team Assistant and Campaign Coordinator at HUMEN, you will make a significant impact in several important ways:

Boost Campaign Success: By organising and managing campaign activities effectively, you will help ensure these efforts reach their goals and make a real difference. Streamline Operations: You will handle daily administrative tasks, making things run more smoothly and allowing the rest of the team to focus more on strategic goals. Increase Awareness: By helping with social media and other communications, you will play a key role in getting the word out about the charity’s work, attracting more support and engagement from the community. Build Strong Relationships: Working closely with team leaders and partners, you will help strengthen the charity’s network, which is vital for its success. Encourage Community Participation: You will assist in organising events and campaigns that encourage people in the community to get involved and support mental health initiatives.

Overall, your efforts will help HUMEN reach more people and make a positive impact on mental health awareness and support.


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