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Volunteer Photographer and Design Officer

Africa Health Organisation (AHO)


Posted over 30 days ago...

Could you help an international health charity with creating compelling photos design assets. Africa Health Organisation is an international health charity whose aim is to help people in Africa attaining & maintaining optimum health.


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City of Westminster, W1J 5FJ

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Expires at anytime

What will you be doing?

Role Description You will primarily be responsible for applying image software to enhance and modify the photos. We are looking for a Photographer to retouching, resizing and enhancing our health images that are available in our Google Drive. We are looking for a Photographers to conceptualize creative visual ideas for AHO promotional campaigns, events, and other health projects. They will work closely with marketing or event teams to produce images that tell captivating stories. Photographers will also edit and process images to ensure outputs are of the highest possible caliber. Responsibilities

Retouching, resizing and enhancing images as needed using Photoshop or other photography software Enhance the picture using specialized effects, such as color correction, cropping and image modification. Organise, edit and watermark property photographs and videos Upload images and videos to our social media platforms. create image and video content for the AHO brand Improves image quality using different editing methods

What are we looking for?

Qualifications, Skills and Competencies

At least 3 years experience in photography and production and use of Adobe Creative Suite Degree in photography, design, communication design, film and television, fine art, graphic design, digital imaging, media studies, illustration, and visual art or similar qualifications. Skilled in designing new material that fits our target audience Proven years photo and graphic designing experience A strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics You will have a well-executed portfolio demonstrating excellent design principles in layout and typography

What difference will you make?

The volunteer's impact on the organisation is increasing awareness for the charity to enable is carry out its projects in Africa. Since we don't have a Photographer, the Director does all the imaging. The volunteer will be able to allow the Directors time to concentrate on managing the organisation and reduce stress from the Director by reducing his responsibilities. The organisation will be able to carry out its activities better with visuals. This will increase the morale of the staff if they know that they have design sets to help them do their work. As for the impact on beneficiaries, this will be enormous. Our beneficiaries are people in Africa and UK with health and social care issues. We will be able to provide visual information in areas such as providing COVID-19, anti retroviral therapy to people with HIV/AIDS in Africa, mosquito nets distributed to prevent malaria especially for vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and children. We will be able to improve health and well-being for people with myraid conditions such as diabetes, cancers, kidney failure, etc. Most African countries do not have kidney dialysis facilities for kidney patients and we will be able to prevent unneccesary deaths. In UK, the impact will be providing information and help improving the lives of refugees and deprived communities


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