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Local consultant for the Brazilian Sustainable Taxonomy - Energy Sector

Climate Bonds Initiative


Posted 3 weeks ago

Join the Green Revolution: Help Shape Brazil's Sustainable Energy Future with Climate Bonds Initiative


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São Paulo Brazil

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Climate Bonds Initiative is a leading international NGO focused on mobilizing capital for climate action. They're at the forefront of developing Brazil's sustainable taxonomy, a pivotal project aimed at fostering investment in environmentally and socially beneficial economic activities. This project not only seeks to enhance Brazil's economic sustainability but also to ensure the integrity and transparency of sustainable finance flows.

The role involves:

  • Comprehensive analysis of Brazil's Electricity and Gas sectors.
  • Active participation in technical working groups with experts and stakeholders.
  • Development of criteria for classifying low-carbon activities and transition strategies.
  • Engagement in consultation rounds to refine the sustainable taxonomy.
  • Capacity-building sessions with Brazilian government and industry entities.

Role Requirements:

  • Master's degree in economics, engineering, energy, or related field; Ph.D. preferred.
  • Proficiency in Portuguese and English (C1-level).
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in the energy sector.
  • Knowledge of renewable and low-carbon energies and energy efficiency.
  • Experience with environmental/climate/social standards and sustainable economic activities.
  • Regional experience in Latin America, with a strong focus on Brazil.
  • Desirable: Experience in development cooperation projects.

Benefits include a competitive daily rate fee and coverage of approved expenses, subject to Climate Bonds Initiative's policies. Payments will be made quarterly based on satisfactory delivery of expected outputs and detailed timesheets.

The Climate Bonds Initiative (Climate Bonds) is an international non-governmental organisation whose main task is to mobilise capital to achieve climate goals. Currently, Climate Bonds has been chosen to assist in developing Brazil's sustainable taxonomy, which aims to contribute to (i) the mobilisation and redirection of public and private investments towards economic activities with positive climate, environmental, and social impacts, aimed towards sustainable, inclusive, and regenerative development; (ii) the promotion of technological development aimed at climate-related, environmental, social, and economic sustainability, with increased productivity and competitiveness of the Brazilian economy on a sustainable basis; (iii) the provision of the basis for producing reliable information on sustainable finance flows by encouraging transparency, integrity, and a long-term vision for economic and financial activities. 

The project will consist of many stages and involve the active participation of a local partner with expertise in the field of Electricity and Gas. 

The project is expected to last from June 2024 to December 2024. During the project, a comprehensive analysis of the target sectors of the Brazilian economy will be carried out, including Electricity and Gas; technical working groups of local experts, government and industry representatives will be created; criteria for classifying activities in all sectors as low-carbon and in transition to net-zero will be developed; recommendations will be given on the application of the resulting criteria in real life the economy. 

Upon completion of the development process, three rounds of technical, targeted and public consultations will be held to gather feedback on the drafted taxonomy. After finalising the document, capacity-building sessions will be held to help integrate the results of the work into the day-to-day operations of the Brazilian government, as well as financial and industrial enterprises in Brazil. 

 Purpose and Objectives 

Climate Bonds is seeking an experienced consultant with expertise in Electricity and Gas, who is highly proficient in both English and Portuguese, to contribute to the development of the Electricity and Gas technical screening criteria of the Brazil Sustainable Taxonomy, comprised of a) a screening tool that helps define the eligibility of the economic activities under the taxonomy based on pre-determined climate and environmental objectives (e.g., climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation; b) do no significant harm assessment, ensuring that economic activities substantially contributing to the Electricity and Gas objective do not cause significant harm to the other climate and environmental objectives defined in the taxonomy. 

 Scope of Services and Deliverables/Outputs 

The tasks under this consultancy are outlined below as well as the number of days per task. The project will be conducted from June 2024 and Electricity and Gas, and will use twenty-five (25) business days of the consultant, to be split into the outputs below: 

Expected Outputs, Days and Completion Date 

  1. Analyse Brazil's existing policies in the field of decarbonisation of Electricity and Gas and map their main activities against industrial codes (CNAE) - 5 days (June-July 2024) 
  1. Participate in the organisation of and attend the meetings of technical expert groups, including the search and selection of relevant institutions and experts - 3 days (June – October 2024) 
  1. Assist in the creation of criteria for decarbonisation of Electricity and Gas sectors, following international best practices and in accordance with the current conditions in Brazil - 8 days (July – October 2024) 
  1. Integrate the feedback harvested from the multi-phased revision processes, including two internal revisions and one public consultation into the second, third, and final drafts, respectively - 7 days (July – October 2024) 
  1. Participate in capacity-building sessions regarding the Electricity and Gas criteria, if needed – 2 days (December 2024 – February 2025) 

The number of days is up to an extension depending on the needs of the project and the approval of the international organisms coordinating the project. 


The consultant should have the following skills and experience:  

  • Education/training: university qualification (Master) in economics, engineering, energy, or a relevant related field. A Ph.D. in relevant topics is considered an advantage 
  • Language: C1-level language proficiency in Portuguese and English 
  • General professional experience:  
  • 1 expert with 5 years of professional experience in the energy sector, previous experience with energy planning is an asset;  
  • 1 expert with 5 years of professional experience in the power generation sector, previous experience with energy efficiency is an asset 
  • Specific professional experience:  
  • 1 expert with 3 years of professional experience in renewable and low-carbon energies; 1 expert with 2 years of professional experience with energy efficiency; 1 expert with 2 years of professional experience in energy planning 
  • 1 expert with 2 years of professional experience with standards, instruments, norms, initiatives, and metrics related to the environmental/climate/social aspects relevant to the sector/theme (systems/taxonomy for sustainable economic/financial activities) 
  • Regional experience: 2 years of experience in Latin America (region), and 5 years of experience in Brazil (country) 
  • Development cooperation (DC) experience: previous experience in DC projects is considered an advantage 
  • Other: previous relevant experience with sustainable taxonomies 


CBI will pay the Consultant a daily rate fee, excluding potential travel costs. In case there is any extra costs, these will be covered separately and only expenditure for reasonable, approved, and documented costs agreed with CBI’s Head of Taxonomies. 

Payments will be made quarterly upon (i) submission by the Consultant and approval by Climate Bonds of the deliverables described in item 3, following the proposed timeline; (ii) presentation of monthly timesheets at the end of each calendar month detailing the work undertaken, the time spent on each task and the corresponding payable amount for each period, following Climate Bonds' template.


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