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General Manager

Origin Coffee


Posted 2 weeks ago


Join the Vibrant Team at Origin as a General Manager in Shoreditch and Lead the Specialty Coffee Scene


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Shoreditch, London

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Expires at anytime

Organisation summary:
Origin Coffee is a pioneering force in the UK speciality coffee scene, dedicated to ethics, sustainability, and exceptional quality. Since 2004, we’ve been connecting customers with the finest coffee experiences, from farm to cup. Our commitment goes beyond just coffee; we offer SCA qualifications, at-home brewing courses, and a wealth of digital content. With a network of coffee shops across the UK and a growing subscriber base, we’re leading the way in specialty coffee innovation and education.

  • Role Summary:
    • Lead the Charlotte Road, Shoreditch coffee shop, embodying the ethos of specialty coffee.
    • Manage daily operations, ensuring seamless customer service and team development.
    • Collaborate with various departments for product offerings, financial adjustments, and marketing initiatives.
  • Role Requirements:
    • Proven expertise in specialty coffee and hospitality management.
    • Strong leadership, communication, and operational skills.
    • Financial acumen with a focus on profitability and KPI management.
    • Commitment to health, safety, and quality standards.

About Origin

We’ve come a long way since 2004—and we’re just getting started. 

As one of the longest-standing independent coffee roasters on UK shores, the love of coffee fuels everything we do. We are on an exciting growth journey, striving to deliver our own unique take on speciality coffee and hospitality to more people than ever before. 

We build, nurture, and champion relationships at the source, celebrating producers, seasonality, and provenance. We support direct trade, traceability, and quality. From crop, to cup, every step of our journey is considered; we’re proud to be held accountable, always striving for better ways to do business, placing people and planet before profit. 

Our product spans more than just amazing coffee, we are also passionate about bringing the world of speciality to life through a programme of education. From teaching professional SCA qualifications to at-home enthusiast brewing courses. Our digital channels are also an opportunity for us to offer engaging learning content such as onsite ‘how to guides’ and inspiring social content series.  

We are proud to roast for some of the UK’s leading independent speciality coffee shops, bakeries, hotels, and restaurants. We have 1000’s of at-home coffee subscribers and 8 beautiful coffee shops across London, Cornwall, Bristol, and Edinburgh.

The role overview

As general manager of Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, you will have a strong background in speciality coffee and proven operational experience in hospitality. You will take the lead in setting the benchmark for coffee in Shoreditch, educating the customer base into the world of specialty coffee all the while contributing to how our presence sits in the London, UK, and Europe scene.

Origin’s coffee shops showcase our brand and without exception, align with our philosophy. Our general manager’s lead our retail teams, they keep everything running smoothly and drill down to the detail, so nothing is amiss. Brand is key and by working closely with the business owner, directors and function leads on creative direction, strategy and ambition continue to raise not only our bar, but our industries.  

You will have full management and operational responsibility of the day-to-day running, including leading the team on delivering impeccable customer service, identifying the teams learning and development opportunities and progression, including SCA, and weekly reviewing of financial data making operational adjustments to promote profitability. We encourage cross department working; our Director of Coffee will lead on brewing single origin espresso and filter alongside weekly feature coffee and special editions, our Training team will be there when you feel you or your team need a development or a little fine tuning, and our marketing team will be on-hand when you feel you need a push and to get your shop out there some more.   


Your main areas of focus are:  

  • Coffee QC
  • People
  • Communication
  • Brand and marketing retail displays
  • Financials
  • Health and Safety
  • Operations

The role responsibilities

Responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the operation including:

Brand and marketing

Ensure all retail displays and store designs are maintained and aligned with Origin’s brand guidelines.

Lead and support events and functions in liaison with Origin’s Events Manager.


Establish and maintain effective communication channels with key Origin departments and ensure operational efficiencies.

Cascade all necessary information to key members of your team to cultivate unity and consistency. 


Lead the Origin site to meet and/or exceed financial obligations and profitability through overseeing and actively participating in sales, labour productivity, cost control, and effective purchasing.

Manage and analyse financial KPI’s including wages to sales, P&L average transaction values and oversee COGS and cash flow.

Build on existing customer loyalty and streamline revenue through all different channels

Health and Safety

Maintain a safe, secure, and legal work environment, including health & safety, risk management and assessment, including food safety compliance.

Team training including HACCP, First Aid, and SCA Coffee Diploma (delivered by Origin).


Implementing, monitoring, adhering to, updating, and enforcing compliance with all Origin Coffee and company policies to ensure a consistent and efficient operation.

Implementing and updating Origin's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on the needs and limitations of the business, proposing new strategies, as necessary.

Managing supplier relationships, both existing and new, to ensure the best value in terms of price, delivery, and business terms. This includes working with suppliers to achieve desired Gross Profit percentage (GP%) and cost of sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Monitoring and controlling stock inventory to reduce wastage and contribute to GP% and cost of sales KPIs.

Managing customer service and front-of-house operations to maintain continuity of service and uphold impeccable standards.

Collaborating with your team of baristas to select a range of coffees, including mainstays, single origins, and featured varieties, to ensure the café consistently brews exceptional coffee that matches the best offerings in the UK and Europe.

Demonstrating expertise in brewing exceptional coffee, including espresso, pour-over, and latte art techniques.

Displaying meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to consistency in a demanding, high-standard environment.

Organizing and maintaining deep clean rotations ensures a clean and hygienic café environment.

These responsibilities are essential for maintaining a successful café operation that delivers high-quality coffee and exceptional customer experiences.


Overseeing and approving staffing levels and scheduling, ensuring they align with budgetary guidelines and operational needs. This includes managing employee shifts and ensuring adequate coverage during peak hours.

Developing staff members by providing mentoring and empowerment opportunities. Identify their growth potential and set objectives to help them achieve their next-level position within the company.

Taking full responsibility for the employee cycle, including onboarding new hires, conducting performance management assessments, providing training and development opportunities, and managing off-boarding processes when necessary.

Demonstrating positive leadership characteristics by being attentive and genuine with all staff members. Lead by example and foster a positive work culture that promotes teamwork, respect, and professionalism.

Acting as an ambassador for Origin Coffee, showcasing the company as an industry leader in speciality coffee. Demonstrate what exceptional looks like by upholding the highest standards in coffee quality, customer service, and operational excellence. Lead Origin as one of Europe's finest specialty coffee roasters.


Financial Performance (Revenue Growth, ATV, COGS, Wages to Sales ratio, GP)

Employee Performance (Team development and training)

Operational Efficiency (Stock Management, Quality Control, Health, and Safety)

Customer Satisfaction (Events and Activity, Customer Feedback)

About you 

To be successful in this role, these are the things that matter the most: 

Proven experience working in a reputable specialty coffee and hospitality establishment. This demonstrates your knowledge of the industry and familiarity with the standards of excellence. 

Possess an energy and natural talent for creating connections and building relationships within the coffee industry. This includes networking with suppliers, and industry professionals and fostering a sense of community. 

Ability to inspire and lead by example, serving as a hands-on leader who can energize and motivate a team of coffee enthusiasts. Your leadership should encourage teamwork and create a positive and productive work environment. 

Experience demonstrating effective teamwork, collaborating with colleagues to achieve common goals and deliver exceptional results. 

Thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. You are comfortable working under managed pressure and can maintain composure and efficiency during busy periods. 

Display confidence in abundance, backed by a focus on detail and a commitment to maintaining high standards. Your meticulous attention to detail ensures that all aspects of the café operations are executed flawlessly. 

Enthusiasm for developing and nurturing a team, supporting their career progression, and providing training and development opportunities. You are invested in the growth and success of your team members. 

Natural ability to prioritize customer satisfaction without compromising on quality. Every customer should feel valued and receive exceptional service. 

Passionate about specialty coffee, exceptional food, and beverages, and delivering first-class service. Your dedication to quality and passion for the industry should shine through in all aspects of your work. 

Strong command of the English language, both written and verbal, to effectively communicate with staff, customers, and stakeholders. 

Display a natural flair for leading conversations and possess solid interpersonal skills. You can coordinate and influence various cross-department stakeholders, building trust and ensuring that Origin Coffee consistently delivers on its promises. 

Skills and experience 

Education to degree level in the hospitality or business sector or equivalent experience level. 

Proven experience within the coffee industry, including prior work in the hospitality sector with a reputable business. 

Previous general management experience within the specialty coffee industry. This includes overseeing day-to-day operations, managing staff, and ensuring the smooth running of the café. 

Demonstrable experience and financial understanding of delivering against key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets, such as profit and loss (P&L), wages to sales ratio, and average transaction value. 

Demonstrable experience in being self-led and having a natural ability to manage and prioritize your own workload. 

Comfortable with in-person communication, networking, training, and presenting to individuals and audiences. This ability to effectively engage with others is crucial for building relationships, training staff, and representing Origin Coffee. 

Demonstrable experience working independently and as part of a team, guided by core values and striving towards business objectives. This demonstrates your ability to collaborate and align with the company's mission and values. 

Experience working for a B-Corp accredited organization or similar working space that focuses on addressing the current climate crisis. 

Good working knowledge of all Microsoft Office 365 packages and digital systems. This includes proficiency in using digital tools for communication, data analysis, and other operational needs. 

Essential qualities to have 

Commanding high standards and at ease with demanding people 

An inspiring, enthusiastic, and energised leader. 

Being a strong communicator with conversation and managing people is your strength. 

Friendly, modestly confident, personable, good-humoured, and trustworthy. 

Attention to detail and diligence – even meticulous – with a good dose of common sense. 

Efficient, effective, and organised, especially in the physical and digital world. 

Informal but 100% professional. Self-motivated with an aptitude to drive your own activity to deliver results.

Confidence in your own ability to adapt and navigate your way through an industry in an evolving landscape. 


Competitive Salary

Up to £38,000 FTE per annum + up to £2,000 bonus based on performance

Nature of contract and working pattern

Permanent and full-time.


Shoreditch, London


26 days including your birthday off, as well as 8 bank and public holidays.


Employer (5%) and Employee (3%) pension contribution, employees can increase their contribution.

Mental Health and Physical First Aid Training

We provide our employees with a toolkit for both preventing and addressing mental health crises in and out of work, providing genuine support, safety and happiness in the workplace.

Enhanced Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, IVF Journey Leave and Pay

We recognise the importance of family and provide enhanced pay to support all parents and their journey to becoming one.

Transitioning at Work Policy

We want everyone at Origin Coffee to feel comfortable to be themselves at work. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity supporting our colleagues who identify as trans and providing support through any transitioning process.

Financial Wellbeing Support

We have partnered with Wagestream, a financial well-being provider that offers financial coaching, money management, debt advice, and individual-tailored advice.

Employee Assistant Programme

A comprehensive suite of support from an (EAP) including help with physical, mental, and financial wellness at work.

Continued Professional Development

We invest in all our employees by supporting personal development and encouraging you to broaden your experience and learning potential, led by you.

SCA Training

Everyone who works for Origin can embark on the SCA training programme. Depending on your readiness to learn you can dip your toe in or immerse yourself fully. It’s quite addictive!

An Employee Referral Scheme

Once you join Origin, you’ll want to introduce like-minded people to us. When you do, they settle in and pass their probation, you earn £200.


Time off for volunteering, cycle to work scheme, free coffee at work and to take home, discounts in all our cafés and on our merchandise and partners. And of course, regular social and team events serving exceptional food, drink, and of course, amazing coffee!


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