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Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems Engineer

European Space Agency


Posted 2 weeks ago

Join ESA's mission as a Guidance Navigation and Control System Engineer and shape the future of space exploration


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Noordwijk, NL

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Organisation summary: The European Space Agency (ESA) is at the forefront of global space exploration, driving innovation and progress in the sector. ESA's Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality plays a pivotal role in providing cutting-edge support for planetary exploration, space vehicles, and specialised applications such as rendezvous and formation flying. Working at ESA means contributing to some of the most exciting and groundbreaking projects in space exploration, where every day offers a chance to make a significant impact on the future of our universe.

  • Provide technical support and consultancy to ESA projects.
  • Conduct GNC requirements analysis, performance analysis, and budgeting.
  • Manage GNC system, software, and unit procurement processes.
  • Perform GNC system verification and validation.
  • Engage in feasibility studies, project reviews, and procurement proposal evaluations.
  • Master’s degree in control or aerospace engineering.
  • Experience in GNC systems for space transportation and exploration missions.
  • Expertise in space transportation dynamics, spacecraft guidance, space trajectory optimisation, relative navigation technology, and more.
  • Knowledge of machine learning applications in mission-critical systems is an advantage.

Application Process Details:

  • Applicants must be eligible for technology access and security clearance under European and US export control regulations.
  • ESA may conduct selection tests during the recruitment process.
  • Candidates will undergo background screening before appointment.

We are looking for a Guidance Navigation and Control System Engineer to join our team at the Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality. Our team provides functional support to ESA projects in the technical field of GNC systems for planetary exploration orbiters and landers, launch and transportation systems, re-entry vehicles, new generation space vehicles for in-orbit robotic operations and specialised applications such as rendezvous and formation flying.

The Role: You will report to the Head of Section and your main tasks and responsibilities will include providing expert technical support and consultancy to ESA projects, programmes and general studies in the area of GNC requirements analysis and trade-offs, GNC performance analysis and budgeting, GNC system, software and unit procurement, and GNC system verification and validation throughout all project phases. You will also be involved in feasibility studies, project reviews and the evaluation of procurement proposals.

Job Requirements: A master’s in control or aerospace engineering is required. Proven experience in the development of GNC systems for space transportation, planetary science missions and/or exploration missions is also necessary. Preference will be given to candidates with proven expertise in two or more of the following areas related to the position: Dynamics and guidance of space transportation systems, interplanetary spacecraft, and/or landers in planetary or other space environments; Methods and principles for local and global optimisation of space trajectories; Relative navigation technology for space systems; Mathematical modelling and multi-physics/multi-domain simulation techniques; Classical as well as advanced control and filtering techniques; Control-structure interaction mitigation systems for orbital and/or space transportation vehicles; Familiarity with machine learning techniques and their application to mission-critical or safety-critical systems.

Benefits: We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to achieving diversity within the workforce and creating an inclusive working environment. We therefore welcome applications from all qualified candidates irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, beliefs, age, disability or other characteristics. Applications from women are encouraged. We value diversity, and we welcome people with disabilities. Whenever possible, we seek to accommodate individuals with disabilities by providing the necessary support at the workplace.

Application Details: Applicants must be eligible to access technology and hardware which is subject to European and US export control regulations & security clearance by their national security administrations. During the recruitment process, the Agency may request applicants to undergo selection tests. Additionally, successful candidates will need to undergo basic screening before appointment, which will be conducted by an external background screening service, in compliance with the European Space Agency's security procedures.


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