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Volunteer Fundraiser

Vibes in Care CIC


Posted 2 weeks ago

Join Vibes in Care CIC to transform lives! Become a Volunteer Fundraiser and empower youth in care. Drive funding for innovative programs that make a real difference. Help us turn challenges into opportunities - ignite change with us!


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London, E6 2JA

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What will you be doing?

As a Volunteer Fundraiser at Vibes in Care CIC, you will play a pivotal role in securing the necessary funding to support and expand our programs aimed at empowering young people in care. This position is ideal for individuals passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable young people through innovative fundraising initiatives. Key Responsibilities:

Plan and execute fundraising campaigns and events. Engage with the community and local businesses to increase awareness and raise funds. Oversee event logistics to ensure success and target achievement. Build and maintain relationships with donors and sponsors. Accurately record fundraising activities and manage donations. Regularly update and provide feedback to the team.


Experience in fundraising. Strong organisational and event planning skills. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Creative thinker and proactive problem solver. Committed to the mission and values of Vibes in Care CIC. Able to work flexibly and as part of a team.


Develop professional skills in a supportive setting. Gain experience in nonprofit fundraising. Make a significant impact on the lives of young people in care. Eligible for references and recommendations after successful role completion.

Interested in making a difference? Join us to help change lives through care!

What are we looking for?


Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication abilities to effectively convey the CIC's message and persuade potential donors. Interpersonal Skills: Ability to build and maintain relationships with donors, team members, and other stakeholders. Organisational Skills: Proficiency in managing multiple tasks and events, ensuring efficient planning and execution of fundraising activities.


Fundraising or Sales Experience: Previous experience in fundraising, sales, or a related field is highly beneficial, demonstrating an ability to raise funds and manage campaigns. Event Management: Experience in organising and managing events is valuable, as many fundraising activities involve event planning. Working with Nonprofits: Prior involvement with nonprofit organisations, particularly in a fundraising role, can provide a better understanding of the dynamics and needs of a CIC.


Passion for the Cause: A genuine interest in and commitment to improving the lives of young people in care, driving the individual to go above and beyond in their fundraising efforts. Creativity: Ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas for fundraising activities that capture the interest and support of the community. Resilience: Fundraising can be challenging; resilience and persistence are crucial in facing and overcoming these challenges. Team Player: While capable of operating independently, they should also be effective collaborators, working well within a team to achieve common goals. Ethical and Transparent: Strong ethical standards and transparency, crucial for maintaining trust and integrity in handling organisation funds and donor relationships.

What difference will you make?

By joining our team as a Volunteer Fundraiser, you will play a crucial role in shaping the future of young people in care. Your efforts in raising funds will directly support the development and implementation of vital educational programs and innovative care practices. Each donation you help secure expands our capacity to offer personalised support and resources, leading to improved educational outcomes, enhanced well-being, and greater opportunities for care-experienced individuals to succeed. With every fund raised, you're not just contributing resources - you're actively investing in a brighter, more hopeful future for vulnerable children and young adults.


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