Pot Gang

Senior Marketing Manager (D2C)

Helping more people grow veg and herbs from home by leading the growth of our subscription box business.

£50-60,000 salary (full time equivalent)

3 days a week (we're open to discussing full-time too)

£30-36,000 in practice

Based out of our new London office

Who we are:

After getting into growing veg on our balcony in lockdown, we set up Pot Gang to make it possible for anyone to grow-their-own. We realised there are loads of people out there who love the idea of growing veg and herbs from home - but don’t know where to start and don’t get much help from existing gardening brands.

Our core D2C offering is a monthly subscription box, containing three types of veg and herb seed, with all the pots, compost and step-by-step guidance needed to grow them successfully. It’s completely seasonal, so the seeds change each month, and we make it fun, and straightforward - the opposite of how we see the rest of the gardening industry.

Across our D2C and D2B offerings, we’ve got nearly 30,000 people growing veg and herbs since August 2020. We’ve also been named The Sunday Times Best Gardening Subscription and have a 5 star rating on Google from our customers.

What we’re looking for:

We have grown largely organically so far. It’s been scrappy but successful. However, we’re looking for a marketing all-rounder to help us progress to much more ambitious growth targets.

They must have the experience to create a long-term, cohesive plan for our growth, setting a strategic direction and uniting our marketing efforts to pull towards it.

At the same time, they must also have the technical expertise and energy to execute the plan in practice. This means getting stuck into the detail of making things happen, solving problems quickly and working at a fast pace.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Understanding our growth targets and building a cohesive, long-term marketing approach across digital and physical channels.
  • Setting KPIs to track the profitability and sustainability of our growth.
  • Executing the strategy digitally (e.g. Ads Manager, Google, TikTok, email, SEO)
  • Executing the strategy physically (e.g. partnerships, PR, influencers, field sales)
  • Working alongside the founders, who will be managing the brand and product, to plan and produce content to be used in marketing.
  • Managing our marketing budget and pushing it to go as far as possible.
  • Tracking and analysing our performance, both overall and by channel.
  • Ensuring our growth is long-term, profitable and sustainable.
  • Ensuring we act with a long-term perspective, without restricting our ability to move quickly and make changes as we learn.

Key Experiences:

  • 5+ years in Marketing.
  • Involvement in growing a D2C brand into 7-8 figures.
  • Technical expertise in Ads Manager, Google, SEO.
  • Ideally strong experience of scaling a brand organically.
  • Experience running PR, influencer and partnership campaigns.
  • Involvement in setting the strategic approach for advertising creative.
  • Managed a marketing budget.
  • Technical expertise in reporting on performance and achievement of KPIs.
  • On the ball with what’s working in D2C marketing and the impact of iOS 14.