We’re on the hunt for talented, values-led and ambitious - about putting people and the environment first - people to join our team. If you love the hospitality industry, food and beverage businesses, sustainable and regenerative living then you’ll love the day-to-day buzz of work at Belu.

The successful candidate will lead Belu brand communications, and customer (including end consumer) experience and our impact partnerships. You will guide our purpose strategy to ensure we are working towards changing the way the world sees water by 2030 in partnership with WaterAid and our key stakeholders.

Success will be measured by the meaningful growth of our overall customer and partnership base, successful brand exposure across all channels and partnerships that deliver clear social and environmental impact. You will be the champion of ‘Drink the Difference’ and ‘Changing the way the world sees water’.

To do this you will:

  • Champion the Belu purpose and ensure it comes through in everything we create, make and sell, both internal and external , in the UK and beyond – in short, make it famous
  • Lead the brand team and delivery partners to be high performing with clear objectives, comms calendars and forward plans
  • Own the brand story and make it real for the team, our customer and the end consumer
  • Own communications across all channels, working with teams to land the Belu message consistently
  • Own and direct the relationship with our primary impact partner, WaterAid and other key stakeholders including advisory boards
  • Profoundly understand our customers, the end consumer and consumer consciousness to know where we fit, how we can influence and drive sales and purposeful change
  • Drive inbound leads for all product areas • Steward retention strategies for our customers in partnership with the Customer Relationships team
  • Steward launches, advocacy and training – products, territories, campaigns, reports
  • Steward and manage brand ambassadors and voices of influence.

Behaviours we’re looking for:

  • An inspired, entrepreneurial leader that loves to make amazing happen
  • A connected communicator with commercial acumen and vision
  • An organised project leader with a keen eye for detail to ensure the small things are never forgotten or missed.


1. Your CV

2. Your pitch/answer to the following questions:

• What does our purpose ‘change the way the world sees water’ mean to you?

• What is your unique value to Belu and how can we make the most of it?

• What does success look like for you in your role and career over the next year? You can answer the questions in any medium, a video, pitch deck, a product build, whatever you think will make us sit up and take notice.

3. Myers Briggs Personality Type

We’re curious people and believe thought diversity is important. Please tell us your Myers Briggs Personality Type, there are no wrong or right types so don’t worry about the answer you receive. Nat’s profile is INPF and Charlotte’s is ISFJ…over to you. If you need a link to a free test try out: (not an endorsement but it works pretty well we think).

Email your application to