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About 42 ACRES:


42 ACRES creates transformational spaces for individuals and organizations to realise, nurture and grow their true purpose. Our nature infused havens are designed to inspire a sense of openness, freedom and creativity. We provide a range of pioneering transformational experiences, helping us reconnect with our world in a more energized, confident and purposeful way.


We are a young, small, progressive, and dynamic team, dedicated to our mission both in and out of the work space. We are committed to our own personal growth as well as supporting the growth of those coming to our spaces.

As an organisation we are passionate about creating spaces guided by nature for people to grow their purpose. 42 ACRES Somerset is a retreat space near Frome; aiming to become completely self-sufficient and farm to fork.  It is the first of many similar spaces that we intend to establish nationally and internationally, in addition to our sister co-working/event space in London Shoreditch.

 42 ACRES Somerset currently sleeps up to 27 guests and is expanding to include camping, plus another neighbouring location, so that it can increase capacity to 40 from 2019 onwards.



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