465 Brixton

465 Brixton

Careers at 465 Brixton

A cutting edge co-working space, with high speed facilities supporting independent business, based in the heart of Brixton.

We offer a co-working business space and a selection of back office services, as well as an extensive co-workers network who often procure services from one another.

Key to our offer is flexibility and scale-ability, our adaptable business model provides a platform for your business growth,

The environment here is creative, supportive and exciting, which helps encourage all aspects of the work we do.

Each of the directors at 465 Brixton used to work from home. This does have its benefits, in terms of overheads and ease of location, working on your own can be very tough. Sharing a co-working space like ours means that your business can benefit from bouncing ideas off the people around you. It’s much easier to share new ideas and discuss ways of approaching your work

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