A Blueprint for Better Business

A Blueprint for Better Business

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A Blueprint for Better Business (Blueprint) is an independent charity whose purpose is to create a better society through better business. We help business to be inspired and guided by a purpose that respects people and planet and contributes to a better society.

We are a small team who believe that business has an important part to play in addressing the challenges we face in our society, and that business can and should be a force for good. Whilst a number of things need to change in order to address these challenges, and to create the conditions which support business to be a force for good, the work we do focuses on challenging the assumptions and beliefs that underpin the way people in business behave and make decisions. Our work is about stimulating and energising a different way of thinking and behaving in business, and challenges core assumptions about the purpose of business and how we think about people. We help businesses to see that they can operate in a way that benefits both business and society.

Much of our work is with senior leadership teams in large corporates, but we also seek to influence coaches and consultants, investors, NGOs, academics and others, to help to create an environment where purpose-led business can thrive and become the norm. As a small team we actively seek to collaborate with others who have similar aims and objectives.

For more information on our work and the thinking behind it see: www.blueprintforbusiness.org.

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