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Abram Wilson Foundation

Careers at Abram Wilson Foundation

The Abram Wilson Foundation believes that greatness can be achieved by anyone who has the right support.

That’s why we help children, young people and talented artists discover and express their greatness through performing arts projects. In particular, we like to offer support to people going through challenging or transitional periods in their lives. It might be adjusting to life at secondary school, launching a professional career after university or moving that career to the next level. Through our inclusive projects, we nurture confidence, talent and creative thinking.

In schools, we work with vulnerable children and young people facing socio-economic barriers by providing a platform for them to produce their best work and unlock their full potential.

We also nurture talented emerging and mid-career artists who are at risk of their potential being unfulfilled by providing vital networks and opportunities to develop their vision.

Although our roots are in jazz, our projects are multidisciplinary, uniting music, dance, drama and spoken word. Our aim is to create a holistic approach to working with young people and artists further along their journey, allowing them to collaborate and grow together.

Behind the scenes