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Action For Education

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Action for Education is an independent, grassroots organisation founded in the UK in 2017.

We develop projects that aim to remove the barriers to education for displaced communities. Building on our extensive knowledge and experience, we seek to provide new and innovative responses for teaching and supporting educational services with a focus on building pathways back into education.

We currently have two main areas of operation: Refugee Education Chios which provides educational services on Chios Island to refugees to whom this right is otherwise denied. The second is an online advocacy / creative platform that promotes the voices of those trapped at the borders of the European Union.

At its heart AFE is to reduce the barriers to education, contributing to a more peaceful, fair and inclusive society. As a grass-roots organization made up of volunteers from all over the world, we strive to demonstrate the change civil society can make. We believe that directing civil society resources to address inequalities in society is the first and important step to creating a culture of empathy and equality

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