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Activ8 Intelligence

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Activ8 has offices in Austin, Texas; Derby and London in the UK. Activ8 have partnered with some of the largest HRIS and talent providers in the US and Europe including Raet, SDWorx and Liaison.

Activ8 vision is to have the most automated and accessible HR analytics system in the world.

Its product suite has won major awards.

Activ8 have invested heavily in building the content, technology and expertise to service partner needs and differentiates both on depth of content and breadth of accessible functionality.

• Data accessibility - English “Natural Language”– allowing an average HR user to create ad-hoc reports and search for insights using everyday English sentences (known as Doogle);

• Data interpretation - presents results in everyday English sentences (known as Dweets);

• Automated analytics – analytic engines ‘number crunch’ the data to find statistically significant items doing away with the need for teams of data scientists (and presents the results in English);

• Importance and relevance - the system ‘searches’ for important information through a unique ranking system;

• Collaboration – insights can be easily shared with other HR staff or line management to collaborate and share wisdom on why a particular issue has happened and collectively generate ideas of possible causes;

• Predictive HR - it provides the biggest return on investment for end clients but is the most complex to implement.

Activ8’s products have defined a new way of working with reports and analytics, based on 14 years of experience working with a wide array of organisations in the US and the Europe.

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