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Careers at Active England Tours

We're a travel company specialising in everything active. With our routes in the Cotswolds, we have expanded our cycling, walking and swimming tours throughout England, employing local guides and outdoor enthusiasts to lead both Brits and Americans around our beautiful countryside. We like to think our tours are the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation, engaging with nature, visiting our incredible World Heritage sites and staying in a range of locations and accommodations from B&Bs to 5* luxury hotels.

Stats we are proud of

  • #1

    Green partnerships, promoting sustainable travel

  • #2

    Encouraging guests to explore our countryside and coast

  • #3

    Supporting local businesses wherever we go

  • #4

    Encouraging active travel and a healthy lifestyle

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 6
  • 67
    % Female


  • Flexibility

    Seasonal work on week-long tours with a great team

  • Outdoor Exploration

    Work outside, showcasing our countryside and coast, cycling, walking, paddling and more

  • Sociable Work

    Enjoy a job that sees you interact with guests every day, taking them on a fantastic holiday experience

  • Active Work

    Cycling, walking, swimming and generally moving all day!