Africa Digital Media Institute

Africa Digital Media Institute

Careers at Africa Digital Media Institute

The Africa Digital Media community based in Nairobi Kenya is an innovative learn-and-work platform where young creatives get the training mentorship and resources they need to turn their passion into a profession. We offer high-spec technical training in creative media and technology intensive digital and soft-skills coaching and a rigorous apprenticeship process to achieve a 100% placement rate. A truly pan-African social enterprise ADMI hosts students from Benin, DRC, Kenya, Ethiopia, Germany, Nigeria, South Sudan and Uganda at its Nairobi CBD campus.

About us: ADMI offers world-class training at the intersection of art, media, technology, business and art. Student can choose school-to-work programs in Film & TV Production, Animation, Music Production, Sound Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Creative Business Management, Software Development, Game Development and Mobile Applications Development. Through global industry and academic partnerships, we also offer credentials in Digital Advertising, New Media, Creative Entrepreneurship and Digital Fashion Design. Our believe in Africa. We are ambitious. We are brave. We are diverse. We are global. We are creative.

What can we offer Escapees?

An opportunity to: be in a global, diverse community within an urban African setting live in one of the most vibrant, entrepreneurial and exciting cities in the world, Nairobi help young people find their voice and create sustainable jobs direct your passion and skills to make a huge difference have a unique life experience outside your comfort zone create a meaningful legacy be part of building something great! What is our culture like? Dynamic: the digital economy changes fast, so we need to remain open and flexible. Spaces like our Interactive Media Center and Creative Scaleups Accelerator promote an entrepreneurial mindset. Global: Our community includes students, staff and teachers from across the world. The curriculum in each course is developed in partnership with leading global curriculum designers and many members of our faculty are alumni of leading international academic institutions. Practical: From the outset, students have hands-on access to the latest equipment, including sound studios and computer labs, are taught by practitioners, enjoy early industry exposure and are encouraged to create exportable and monetizable content from their first day in school. Digital: In addition to world-class facilities, ADMI are integrating cutting-edge e-learning tools, including a standardized curriculum and automated assessment, supplemented by high-touch coaches. We strictly enforce a 1:1 student-computer ratio and ensure that all community-members fully exploit any available online and other digital resources. Value-driven: While ADMI values diversity and creative expression, we also enforce discipline and model ethical behavior. We closely monitor each student and set specific personal and professional development goals for each. Emphasis is placed on professionalism, diligence, engagement, courtesy, ethics and compassion. Transformational: ADMI immerses students in an intense experience to impart new thinking that leads to high performance, providing each student motivation and a platform to reach their personal and professional goals.

Why are we exciting? By joining ADMI, you get to be part of a movement to create an army of digital professionals and entrepreneurs, telling stories and creating content with a distinctively African flair. From music and movies to graphics and animations, ADMI provides a voice for creatives. But we're also serious about business. We reject the 'starving artist' stereotype. Our platform is designed with the end in mind. We measure our success by the creative and economic productivity of our graduates, whether in employment or in their own companies. Our end goal is to grow a huge and vibrant creative economy.

Behind the scenes