AHHA Education

AHHA Education

Careers at AHHA Education

AHHA Education’s primary objective is to provide high quality and holistic education through a structured program of employment and life-skills, to disadvantaged youths who face barriers to education due to: "poverty", "aptitude", "prejudice", and/or "attitude".

We do this by offering our AHHA Skills program. The goal of this program is for everyone to understand their full potential and develop all the AHHA skills to achieve full human ability.

Visit our homepage to learn more about the AHHA Skills and our different programs. https://www.ahhaeducation.org/

Stats we are proud of

  • 250

    thousand students educated since January 2000

  • 50

    centers being operated within 4 countries

  • 400

    students were sent for exchange programs

  • 95%

    graduate employment rate

Behind the scenes