American-Georgian Education Center

American-Georgian Education Center

Careers at American-Georgian Education Center

American-Georgian Education Center provides educational programs from pre-school to graduate level.

Education center operating under the brand name LEAF provides students with academic and preparatory services to help them continue their studies in universities in Europe or the US.

An innovative service of the center – College Counseling includes:
-tSelecting higher education programs for students based on their academic and financial requirements/needs.
-tContacting and negotiating with higher education organizations.
-tHelp with application forms and procedures.
-tHelp writing essays and personal statements.
-tPreparing and submitting proper documentation.
-tFinancial application procedures.
-tHelp securing financial aid and scholarships.

List of preparatory courses:
2.tSAT Subject Tests
5.t English Language

The center employees a team of local and international professionals.

Some of the universities LEAF students attend:
American Universities
ÔÉò Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
ÔÉò Brandeis University
ÔÉò Yale University
ÔÉò Colby College
ÔÉò Hamilton College
ÔÉò Kalamazoo College
ÔÉò Kings College NYC
ÔÉò Lynn University
ÔÉò Manhattanville College
ÔÉò Skidmore College
ÔÉò University of Chicago-Illinois (UIC)
ÔÉò West Virginia University

European Universities
ÔÉò American University in Bulgaria
ÔÉò American University in Paris (France)
ÔÉò American University in Rome (Italy)
ÔÉò Franklin College (Switzerland)
ÔÉò Jacobs University in Bremen (Germany)
ÔÉò Oxford University (UK)
ÔÉò St. Louis University (Madrid, Spain)

More than 90% of successful applicants receive scholarships and/or financial aid.

In 2010 American-Georgian Education Center established International Academy "Logos" - a private school (from 7th to 12th grades)

In 2015 American-Georgian Education Center established School Hamilton which is a pre-school and primary school program.

Behind the scenes