Careers at Anza

Anza believes that entrepreneurs will transform Tanzania. We provide entrepreneurs the capacity, capital and community they need to thrive via the Anza Accelerator programmes and the Anza Growth Fund. Our services assist entrepreneurs to strengthen their operations, increase profitability, and scale their social impact to create more jobs and improve access to underserved markets. Anza is also actively engaged in shaping and maturing the Tanzanian innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Anza runs two programs: The Investment Readiness (IR) Program & The Business Foundations Accelerator (BFA). Both are designed to support distinct segments of entrepreneurs to raise capital and expand their businesses. The IR program supports high-growth ventures with the potential for exponential growth to prepare to raise VC style equity investments, while the BFA supports growing businesses in traditional sectors to obtain debt capital via the Anza Growth Fund and 3rd party lenders.

The Anza Growth Fund (AGF) invests in a select group of companies that successfully advance through the above Anza programs. By investing in companies that have gone through Anza programs, the AGF is able to de-risk their investment and provide below market interest rates and collateral obligations to investees. To date, the AGF’s investments have been structured as debt. Moving forward, the AGF is exploring making convertible note and equity-style investments in graduating companies. Capital is critical to the growth of Tanzanian entrepreneurs, and the AGF seeks to fill this gap in the ecosystem.

Past investees include Swahili Honey, Kazi Yetu, Jibu Tanzania, ShuleSoft, and more.

Behind the scenes