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Careers at Aya Data

Aya's mission is to create good, tech focussed jobs in West Africa whilst providing exceptional AI and Data services to the international market.

The Problems

1) In Ghana talent is abundant but career opportunities are not (60+ universities, >7 year average wait for first career job).

2) The AI market is growing exponentially, and many parts of the AI value chain can be best served from developing nations where the need for stable jobs is higher.

3) AI is transforming the world, but at different rates. The vast majority of AI research is focussed on issues in developed nations, threatening to leave the developing world further behind.

Our Solutions

1) Create rewarding, full time, well paid, tech focussed jobs in Africa, building industry capability and retaining top talent that otherwise moves abroad

2) Become a global leader in the AI Services market covering the core of the AI value chain: data collection, data processing and AI modelling and deployment, whilst never compromising on point 1.

3) Deliver custom AI solutions that cater to Africa specific problems, particularly in health and agriculture

Behind the scenes