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Ayr Housing Aid Centre SCIO was established in 1986 as an unincorporated charity which later converted to a SCIO. The project is governed by the Board consisting of representation from committed volunteers who provide direction and oversee the work of the Centre.  The Centre was originally staffed by a group of unpaid volunteers and was grant funded by the Local Authorities and Shelter. The Centre is currently contracted by South Ayrshire Council to provide Homeless Prevention Advice and Engagement services. As a charity we require to generate income to support our work and we do this by fundraising and providing training to external organisations on housing related issues.  A major part of the Centre’s work is to provide advice, advocacy and representation to people who are homeless or who are threatened with homelessness. We also lobby Local and Governments on homeless related matters and work closely with other Agencies to encourage positive policy change.  We provide innovative, preventative, proactive, participatory and inclusive services which directly link to the overall ethos of the Centre to provide high quality services within South Ayrshire.  Each of our services contribute to the Centre meeting its aims/objectives to prevent/reduce homelessness and alleviate poverty while meeting our contractual obligations and the needs of our service users and communities.

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