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Azure Foods Ltd

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Azure Foods is a startup selling a new exciting food to Europe: pinole! Made of heritage blue corn from an ancient Aztec recipe it's gluten-free and vegan. We launch in November with our pinole energy bars. We make no compromise: we offer exceptional products whilst sourcing ingredients from indigenous communities.

About us

We are introducing a new food to Europe that was invented ... by the Aztec!

Pinole is a flour that was engineered to last for 5 years, persevering nutritious blue corn in an easily digestible and transportable format. It’s incredibly tasty and nutritious. It can be eaten on its own, prepared in a cheesecake, pizza dough, health bar, muffin, corn bread… you name it!

More importantly, Azure makes NO COMPROMISE. We are dedicated to our suppliers of blue corn living in indigenous communities in Mexico.

We aren’t fair trade; we’re better.

We redistribute our revenues proportionately along the supply chain. Our employers are all share owners. Our corn is grown through traditional intercropping methods, guaranteeing the preservation of a heritage seed and the conversation of the environment.  

Our story will hopefully get attention but we believe that only our product can ultimately sell itself. That’s why we made the tastiest energy bars out there, with the best ingredients we could find. They’re gluten-free, vegan, high in anti-oxidants and free of any refined sugar.

Our founder created a solid network of partners and producers during her research on pinole and blue corn producers during her PhD at Oxford. We now work with Ibero University in Mexico and the NGO Slow Food. We’re excited to grow own team to launch sales in November this year and looking for any intern interested in marking, sales and finances.

Behind the scenes