Careers at BBOXX

We are generating impact by improving customers’ quality of life through provision of affordable, clean energy solutions. Today, we offer pay-as-you-go solar power. Our aim is to expand rapidly to provide other vital utility services, such as cooking, internet access and water. We are constantly searching and realising innovative solutions to provide the best value services to our customers. At the heart of BBOXX is our pioneering management platform, called Pulse, which continuously collects data and insights, enabling us to provide our services to previously unreachable populations. We are operating in 12 countries, including Rwanda, Kenya, Togo, DRC and Pakistan.

Stats we are proud of

  • 6M

    Largest crowdfund in the history of solar energy in Africa.

  • No1

    Zayed Sustainability Prize 2019

  • 31M

    Investment by Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers

  • 1M

    People with access to energy by BBOXX

Behind the scenes