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There is a direct link between a pupil’s vocabulary size and their academic progress. Vocabulary gaps widen as students progress through school. The gaps often begin very early on in a child's life and they are compounded by a lack of reading.

We are on a mission to narrow the vocabulary gap and revolutionise the way students engage with reading and vocabulary learning.

Researchers, academics, teachers and politicians are now in agreement - we must do more to ensure that we do not allow social disadvantage to become educational disadvantage. Vocabulary is the great leveller.

Bedrock Learning is an innovative online vocabulary and reading curriculum for school students. Over 80,000 students now progress on our platform in schools and homes around the world.

Our company is growing quickly and this is an excellent time to join our team and seize the career opportunities such rapid growth provides.

Bedrock was designed by two English teachers working in London. Both Aaron and Olivia became frustrated and surprised at the limited lack of resources to develop students'‚Äã reading skills. After months of research and development, Bedrock Vocabulary was born: an online, interactive vocabulary curriculum that aims to help teach students the language they need to succeed, and a bank of resource that supports teachers in tackling the language gap in schools.

The need for our programme is great. There is massive potential for lucrative rewards as well as job satisfaction. If you are positive, resilient and have a diligent work ethic, you will flourish at Bedrock Learning. Your work will have a significant impact on students, teachers and families. If you care passionately about education and have a thirst for new and exciting opportunities, you need to get in touch with us!

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