Careers at Beeline

We make simple and fun connected products for explorers.

About us

Hi all - we're BeeLine.

We love exploring, and we want to make products that help others do that. Our first one is a connected bike compass, pointing you towards your chosen destination and letting you explore all the way there.

We launched on Kickstarter in November 2015, and we just delivered our first batch from our factory in China.


Why are we exciting?

We're only small, but we've got a lot going on here.

On the product side, we're building mobile apps and backends, we're designing beautiful physical objects, and engineering robust electronic gadgets.

On the brand side, we're creating inspirational content to get people out exploring the world around them, and we're getting that message far and wide in as many fun and creative ways as we can think of.

If you like tech and exploring, particularly by bike, we're probably going to get along.

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Behind the scenes