Bespoke Tuition

Bespoke Tuition

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In an age of such high-pressured exams and media focus on league tables, it is easy to lose perspective of what really matters. Bespoke Tuition was created in 2009 to focus on the enjoyment of education, nurturing curiosity and skill-building that delivers long term impact. We believe responsible, well balanced tutoring is not about spoon-feeding or creating a dependence on a tutor. It involves drawing out imaginations, questioning the world, building independence of thought and giving children the tools and prompts to take advantage of the way they think.

We can offer:
One to one Private Home Tuition
Residential live-in Tuition
Exclusive traveling tutors
Online Tuition
Full time Home-schooling
London Hosting Programme
UK & US School Placement Consultancy
Mock Exams & Group Workshops

Age range:
6-21 years

We select highly experienced tutors who appreciate the unique ability of each student and adopt a customised individual approach. Tutors are provided in all school and university subjects from 11+ test preparation to A level Physics and University Law. We have tutors who are experienced in core examinations and test preparation such as 11+, 13+, SAT, IB, GCSE and A Level.

A strong tutor-tutee relationship provides the foundation for successful private tuition so great care is taken on finding the right tutor. Detailed attention is given to each enquiry to ensure expectations are met. The company strives to provide a first class, personal service and regular communication is seen as a key means to achieving that goal. As Managing Director of the business, Emma Storey manages the entire tuition process from start to finish. Bespoke Tuition is not merely an introductory service; our goal is to develop close relationships with families on a long term basis and provide personalised tuition support to their children throughout their academic journeys.

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