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Hello, we're Big Lemon 👋

We build digital products that focus on purpose, not the bottom line — helping others in their ambitions for a better, fairer, cleaner world.

Designing and building meaningful digital products that empower others to deliver positive change is what we're about. Solving challenges with original creativity and intelligent technology to make tech a force for good and with purpose.

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Escape's take on Big Lemon

Big Lemon are kindred spirits of Escape the City. Fed up with their regular jobs, Owen and Kieran hatched the concept of Big Lemon over a pint. In a pub. Remember those days? Now, Big Lemon is a Wales-based studio creating all sorts of fun, innovative, engaging tech solutions for their wide range of clients. They're also a leader in the movement to use tech for good and with purpose. Small, mighty and tongue firmly in cheek, it's no surprise that they were a frontrunner in the People metric of the Escape 100. Must be something to do with the two gorgeous black labradors in the office!

Stats we are proud of

  • 100%

    of our current projects have a Tech With Purpose mission

  • 100%

    of the team feel genuinely supported when WFH

  • 104

    Bcorp B Impact Assessment Score

  • 100%

    of the team say Big Lemon is a great place to grow and learn

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