Careers at BinaryBots

In May 2015 CBiS Education announced a brave new project called 'Find Life'‚Äã with a goal to communicate with a little planet called 'Hex'‚Äã in the solar system 'Array'‚Äã!

We made First Contact in June 2016 and got a response from an alien inventor called 'Binary'‚Äã who has been having problems with 'bugs'‚Äã getting into his inventions.

He has decided to teleport copies of his inventions as Development Kits to earth to see what earthlings can do with them!

There are 3 versions of development kit which contain cardboard copies of Binary's inventions, some electronic components & sensors, sticker sheets and instructions to get going.

The kits are compatible with and require either the BBC micro:bit or CodeBug to explore their full capability.

Behind the scenes