Careers at BitPesa


We love using technology! Our innovative products solve the issues you've no doubt faced when trying to do business in Africa - it's not easy, it's very expensive and it takes forever. BitPesa changes all that.


Our vision is to showcase how frontier markets can use technology to leapfrog traditional infrastructure and grow at an accelerated pace


Our mission is to develop innovative financial technology solutions that empower frontier market businesses. We make it quick, easy, and cost-effective for any business, anywhere in the world, to send and receive money from frontier markets. Our products are developed intentionally for the frontier markets we operate in, creating internationally competitive products, with locally relevant features and seamless UX.


As a company we value innovation, efficiency, market-leading pricing, fast settlement, and customer service. We're passionate about the forex market and we are facilitating how the world does business with frontier markets.

Behind the scenes